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Archive 2014 · Baby's Coming

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Friends of ours are expecting there first child and asked me to do some before and after pics. I love the practice and love them so i really tried to do my best ! Would really appreciate some feedback. Thank You



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Jan 21, 2014 at 10:34 AM

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Ok, here's my thoughts, and I hope you don't take this as harsh, just offering honest feedback.

It looks noisy, like it was severely underexposed to begin with and brought back up in post.

Background is wrinkled, the wrinkles need cloned out and the whole background darkened up a bit.

I like the overall pose, but shoot wider and watch where the frame cuts off - you've lost his feet

The knees on her leggings are light and distracting and need darkened up.

I like their expressions.

Her jacket is overexposed and has lost the detail. Whole image is a little hot really and lacks contrast, but the shadows aren't quite as harsh. There is noise creeping into his shirt again.

Again with the background wrinkles, and it needs darkened up.

Watch your compositon/framing again - this one is best overall in that area, there are no hands or feet cut off, but her belly is almost cut off and that's supposed to be the focus of a maternity shoot.

The whole thing leans to the left a bit, straightening it back up to the right would help.

Positioning the wife less in front of the husband and more tucked back in towards his shoulder, and then angling him a little more towards facing her, would help eliminate the awkward position of his left arm.

The sunlight is harsh - there's hot spots on the right side of the frame on her back and his face. I can tell you used a flash for fill and this is useful in direct sunlight outside. It looks to be pointing straight towards the couple, which does create pin-size catchlights in their eyes, but unless you are blowing this way up to a huge print it's probably something that would go unnoticed to a layperson.

The doe totally photo-bombed this picture.

You cut off her hand again - in this case I would crop in above her hand, take the left side of the frame with the deer off, and maybe a bit off the top.

Using a shallower DOF would help smooth the timber out a bit in the background.

For me, this is the winner of the bunch. This is a cute idea for a pose, but you cut off her feet again, and almost the tip of his foot, and watch his hand on his leg. It looks tense. Try setting it on top of his knee with the fingers relaxed, or on top of her leg even...

You're missing part of your foreground in the bottom right edge. Clone that in.

Overall - it's a cute couple, and she's an adorable pregnant woman, all belly. Curious what your indoor lighting set up is, there are still some fairly sharp shadows in places in all 3 indoor shots.

Watching composition and posing of any portrait so you don't cut things off at the knees/feet/fingers will really improve the overall framing and feel of the image.

Focus looks soft on the eyes and faces, at least to me. It's really important to nail focus on the eyes in portraits.

Watch your exposure and ISO to cut down on noise.

You're off to a start though with some nice ideas! Hope this helps and it didn't come off as too critical or mean. Keep shooting it is the only way to improve!

Jan 21, 2014 at 11:23 AM
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lcl0706 I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me. I will do everything the best that i can as you suggested with these images and make note for next time while shooting. I used 2 elinchrome Dx 4 lites soft boxes in the front left and right and my 600 speed lite shooting into a silver umbrella up high middle of them as a key ? and a singular bulb in the back low to try and high the shadows. I'm describing it as best i can next time i will take a picture of the set up. Do you think i should just try and keep it simple with the two soft boxes for now ? I thought moving them further away from the back drop would take away the shadows. Thanks again.

Jan 21, 2014 at 12:20 PM

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p.1 #4 · p.1 #4 · Baby's Coming

You're quite welcome!

I'll be honest - I'm not your girl when it comes to off camera lighting, I'm still fairly new to & limited in that, as I tend to heavily favor natural light if at all possible. So I pointed out what I saw in your images as far as shadows and exposure goes, and then asked about the setup in the hopes that someone else with a more extensive knowledge/experience with OCF would pick it up and chime in.

Jan 21, 2014 at 02:27 PM

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