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Posting - Back

1) How do I post a message? - Back
You must register and login before doing posting messages.
After that, you have to have posting permission to be able to do this on any given forum. If you do not have posting permission, then you will not see this option available to you in the viewtopic page.
If you do have permission, then in viewboard or viewtopic, you will be able to either Post a new message or Reply to an existing message by clicking on the specified posting button.

2) How do I include an image with my post? - Back
There are three ways to post an image with your message:
  1. Subscribe for Image Upload and upload images directly to fredmiranda.com. It's very convenient because you can browse for an image located in your hard drive and attach it automatically to the message
  2. Subscribe for the FM Gallery Host: Upload your images there and place the full link to the message box (just like in option 1).
  3. Upload your image to a web server and place the full URL link inside the message box along with your message (no tags necessary)
    Ex: "http://www.website.com/image.jpg" --without the quotes

3) How do I perform html style effects in my posts? - Back
Since html is disactivated when posting messages, in order to perform html style effects, you must use the provided pre-determinded codes such as bold, underline or italic tags.

These codes have the advantage of being easy to use, and of being immune to javascript and layout interruptions so this makes your posts functional, easy to modify, and safe.
To apply them to your message, either use the icons located on the side of the message window, or simply type into the message. The code list can be found here.

4) What are Emoticons and how do I use them? - Back
The trouble with online chat, forum postings, and email is that anything said in them is open to misinterpretation.

Emoticons are clusters of punctuation such as and :> that are used to set the tone for the sentence that precedes them. The knack to interpreting them is to tilt your head sideways to the left and look for a facial expression.

To use emoticons, either click on the list located above the message window, or simply type them in. The emoticon list can be found here.

6) How do I get an avatar under my username? - Back
If you are registered and click on the User Options link, you have a choice of editing your Avatar.
You may use any 60x60 pixel logo, self-portrait or clipart you would like to link your name.

7) How do I unsubscribe from receiving E-mail Notifications in a thread I posted to? - Back
Find your post in the thread that you wish to discontinue receiving notifications. Hit the 'EDIT'
button, un-check the 'E-mail Notification' box, and save the changes.