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Image Upload - Back

1) How to use the Upload & Sell membership to upload images? - Back
To be able to upload an image, you must have an active Upload & Sell membership. For more
information on how to subscribe for this service, click href="https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/upload-sell.php">here.

If you are already a subscriber, here are the steps:
  • Click on the "New Post" button
    and write in your subject and message.
  • Below the message window there is an option to attach an image followed by a
    "Browse..." button.
  • Click on the browse button. A new window will popup asking you to choose a file to
  • Browse through your directory to find the file you wish to attach and click on
  • Submit your message and the upload process will begin.

2) How to prepare full size images for upload? - Back
Images should be resized and compressed to allow most participants to view the
images in the FM forums without having to wait a long time for them to load.
Also, resizing your images protects them from being used without your permission.
The best protection we have to stop people from stealing our work on the web is to
resize our images.

My recommndation is to resize your photo to a maximum of 800 pixels for the longest
dimension. For an easy and automated way to resize your images while maintaining a
high quality web output, we recommend using the WP Pro (Web Presenter Pro) Plugin.
For more information visit the Software page:

2) How do I know if my Upload & Sell membership is activated and what are the
- Back

Your service is active when you see "Upload & Sell: On" on your profile.

In order to make the forum experience enjoyable to all members including those on dial-
we allow files up to 1,000 Kb in size. There are no restrictions on image dimension, but
keep files around 800px, so that members using monitors with lower resolution can also
enjoy viewing your photos. Images bigger than 2,000px will be resized to 2,000px for
the biggest dimension.

3) How do I post multiple images using the Image Upload service? - Back
Subscribing to the Image Upload service, allows you to include photos in your posts without hosting your photos somewhere on a server. You upload them directly from your hard drive.

The service allows you to post one (1) photo per message and it is not possible to add any text after browsing for a file on your hard drive. (So your message will appear before your image)

If you are using the upload service and want to post more than one (1) photo in your thread, just hit the "Post reply" button and reply to your own post with another photo. (Repeat this operation to upload as many images as desired)

When replying to your previous post to upload more images, it requires that you to enter at least one character in the message box before browsing for your photo, or it will get a message empty error message. A good thing to do is to just number the photos you are posting. Example #1 #2 #3 etc. That will also help other users leave comments or feedback easier. (Example: I really like # 2 & # 5 etc.)

4) What is the difference between the Image Upload Service and the FM Hosting Gallery? - Back
The Image Upload and the Gallery Host are two separate services. Many photographers prefer subscribing for the Image Upload service and upload their images directly to their messages in the forum. Others only need a gallery hosting server and therefore subscribe for Gallery Host.
Many supporters subscribe for both

Keep in mind that as a Gallery Host subscriber, you could always link images from there to the forum message as well.

5) I'm not an Image Upload subscriber. How do I post images on my posts? - Back
Here are instructions on how to include photos in your posts on these forums:

Your photos should be hosted on a server somewhere. It could be your own website or a hosting service.

All you have to do is to enter the URL(s) links to where the photos are located. Example:

You don't have to add a frame or any image tags. Just list the URL.

NOTICE: You can't just enter the .html URL, it has to be the URL of the .jpg or .gif file itself.
So, click on the .htm URL and then when the photo shows, RIGHT CLICK on the photo and choose PROPERTIES. (As shown in Photo 5) That will show the URL like above with the .jpg at the end. That is the URL you need to include in your post.

And it can be photos that are hosted here at fredmiranda.com using the FM Gallery Hosting service. To subscribe to FM Hosting service, click here:


The screen will look something like this: