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Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 DC MACRO

Review Date: Oct 10, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $360.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Good built quality, light weight and Macro feature. Very useful zoon range for walk-around purpose.
None, consider at this price point

I bought this as a walk around lense for my 40D. I already own an 17-40mm f4.0 L, and nothing negative agaist that lense and I am still keeping it for a Full Fram body in the future. But I feel this sigma lens compliment my 70-200 f2.8 L IS a bitter better in term of zoon range, and it even has a Macro feature. At this price point, it is a good alternative for my 17-40 for walk around, and it is lighter and more compact as well. I ended up using this more with my 40D more than the 17-40 L lens, for now at least.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Review Date: Mar 20, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $80.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Good IQ, Fast lens and very affordable.
For this price, absolutely none

I give it all 10 because each catagory deserves a 10 based on the price range it falls in. Of course, the build quality is laughable compare to a L lens, and so is the price. I agree with all the positive feedback on its IQ, and for the price of a toy, I would give it a 20 if they allow. Highly recommend!

Canon EOS 40D

Review Date: Feb 9, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,150.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Quieter shutter sound, 3 in LCD, ability to adjust ISO in 1/3 of stop, price and picture quality
I can not think of in this price range

I used to have a 20D and love to use it very much and it is always produce reliable results with the right glass. Now upgrade to this 40D body which comes at lower price point than the 20D I bought 2 years ago. It is a better camera period. You do not quantum leap in tern of picture quality, but that is only because 20D is already so good (again in this price range). It is a better camera in term of controls, ability of adjustment, software that comes with it. I feel the adjust of ISO setting in 1/3 is particular useful if you shoot indoors alot. It is not like you have to choose either 800 or 1600 on the 20D, but you can set at 1000 or 1250 which is sentitive enough to get cleaner shot compare to the picutre at ISO 1600 of 20D. Still has the same fill and same reliability of my 20D. So I am very satisfied with my upgrade.

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM

Review Date: Mar 20, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $741.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Sharp wide open. Wide enough on 20D

Agree with all the positive reviews. Use it on my 20D. Wish it could be a bit faster, but it is me try not to over spend here, so not the fault of this baby. Just post to contribute to the positive reviews. Highly recommanded.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

Review Date: Feb 13, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,925.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Sharp and Very sharp! IS works and build quality is impecable.
Wish it could cost less!

Well, what can I say. It is very very good, that is for sure. It is very heavy, but I am getting used to it after a few days of use / practice. The lens itself looks beautiful as well thanks to the nice build quality. But I guess at this price point, it is a given. It is definately built to last. Now I understand why these lense can keep their value so well over the years.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM

Review Date: Feb 8, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $600.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Tack sharp, beautiful color and light weight compare to f2.8 L IS version. Did I mention lighting fast focus?

For the price it goes for, this is a very very good value. Sue I wish it has a larger apeture, but I do not want to shell out 3 times the $$$. If you compare other lense at the same price point, this is absolutely the best one. All positive things from so many other review are all true. I am so glad to own it.

Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Review Date: Jan 23, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $450.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Image quality and solid construction, IS function is a big plus

I do not know why other people post low score on this lense. For its price, you got Quality, IS, 28 - 135 zoom which is very good for a walk around lense. The picture quality out of my 20D with this lense is superb. I love this lense and it is very convenient. I had some many wonderful pictures taken with this baby. No complain what so ever. When there is a situation you feel you do not have enough light, use something called Flash. I mate my 20D with a Canon speedlite 580. Boy, the picture came out looks like I knew what I am doing. Go buy it, highly recommanded.