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Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM

Review Date: Jun 11, 2011 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Build quality, IQ, Focal length, sharpness, light but well built, great walk about lens.
Very soft around the edges at 2.8 on a full frame body!

This is one of my favourite lenses. Build quality is very good, along with IQ and versatility.

I've recently sold this lens as I needed the funds for dedicated portrait lens due to my changing photographic style. It was such a hard decision, and do miss it for some of it's unique qualities. I will defiantly buy this or the mark 2 version again when funds allow!

I used this lens on a full frame body, mainly for landscapes and photojournalist work. 16mm on a FF body is very wide and IMO one of it's best qualities. Some of the perspectives that you can capture are amazing and set it apart from the 24mm range of lenses.

Sharpness and contrast are great, especially when stepped down past 5.6. At lower apertures especially at 2.8 the outer sharpness, particulary in the corners is soft and a fair bit of detail is lost because of this.

This is not really a major negative point. I shoot alot of low light street photography so I often use 2.8. As long as your subjects are sharp the soft edges actualy enhance the image. Only dedicated landscape photographers may find this an issue.

This lens is one of the lightest L lenses that I've used. Really portable and great with a 5D or 1D body.

On the used Market you can pick these up relatively cheap and are great value for money. I highly recommend this lens.


Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

Review Date: Jun 11, 2011 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Focal length on full frame camera, build quality, IQ, Look and feel, f2.8
None. Truly Awsome.

Ok, how shall I begin?

Firstly the trivial stuff. Some people have complained about the size/weight and price of this lens. Yes, it is big and not very light and yes, it does cost alot of money. However these are not negative points!

The way it feels in your hands is awsome! It's weight and size are an advantage. You feel as though you are holding something tangible, a precision instrument that has been designed to tackle any situation!

The ergonomics are spot on. Another great design point is the way the lens hood is attached to the main body of the lens and not to the extending section. This way the hood stays fixed and provides optimum protection from lens flair at all focal lengths!

The lens is expensive, but when you look at what it offers interms if build, IQ and versatility nothing (IMO) comes close!

As I said above, this is the perfect lens on a full frame body! This is an important fact to consider. 24mm on a crop sensor is quite "wide" (38mm on 1.6crop) and the overall versatility is compromised. A lens covering this focal length, particulary one able to go as wide as f2.8 deservers to be used as a multipurpose, everyday, multitask, walkabout lens and IMO can't truly be used like this on a crop sensor.

Next lets talk about image quality. Many people have complained about the lack of sharpness in there copies. I brought mine second hand a few years back from mifsuds photographic (Highly recomended) in Brixham, uk. I had read about these issue and asked them to service the lens before it was dispatched.

After receiving it and doing some test shots a have not found any issues in terms for images sharpness. In fact for a zoom it is
very good! Not a massive amount of difference between my 135L. Don't get me wrong, the 135L is sharper, but not by a million miles!

Lastly I want to note how this lens looks! IMO this is the best looking lens canon makes (with the hood on) the presence of this lens tells people you mean business!!!

Overally this is the perfect multi use lens, particulary if you have a full frame camera. I would highly recomend it!!!