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Canon EOS 1D X

Review Date: Nov 23, 2015 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: speed of accurate focus, build quality, high ISO performance, image rendering
a touch heavy, a touch expensive, lack of headphone jack

Well, let's be very clear from the start - this is an expensive camera body. As I have long used a 1Ds M3, and this is 18MP versus my 1Ds offering 21MP one might logically ask if this is an upgrade?

Yes, it is. It is dramatically fast to focus, shockingly so. I tend to use manual lenses but do have two L series I consider best of breed (for auto focus that is) - the 85mm f/1.2 and the 50mm f/1.2. Neither is a fast focusing lens, in fact the 85 is pathetically slow. But using this body speeds up focus by a remarkable degree. In addition the accuracy of the focus is splendid.

Even in stupidly low light, it hunts only when there is a barely enough light to see with my own eyes. Canon has done a serious job improving this area. Kudos.

There are myriad menu changes, none enough to confuse a previous 1 Series user, but they require some RTFM time.

In limited ( had the body for a little over two weeks) testing I am seeing a very high dynamic range - as good or better than my 1Ds - and perhaps better ability to draw detail from extremely contrasted compositions. I need to explore this a bit as it is a feature of my previous body I dearly loved - superb dynamic range.

The ability to shoot very high quality video is also a plus. This unit does not use the same video CODEC as the 5 Series body, though they are not dramatically different either. Not trying to start a war... This is not a professional video camera (none of the DSLR units is), but used within rational boundaries it performs to a very high level as the almost complete lack of noise translates to similarly clean video images.

Another issue is the 100% magnesium alloy body, weather sealed. The build quality of this body (and all 1 Series historically) leaves nothing to be desired.

Having two CF card slots allows me to pack 256GB of flash storage onboard. This is very cool.

There are many reviews floating about for this unit with specs, more specs and pixel peeping. I suggest you seek them for that level of review.

At this point I am extremely satisfied. I smile when I plug the body into a Gig Ethernet directly to suck the images off either in real time (tethered) or after the fact.

It is handy to demo pre-processed video via the HDMI mini jack as well.

In practical terms it is meeting my expectations across the board, and exceeding them in certain ways.

Highly recommended if you need high burst shooting speed on a full frame image sensor ,very high quality video and a general sense that this unit was designed after listening to people who use a camera all day long in any possible condtions.

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