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Canon EOS 30D

Review Date: Sep 3, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,350.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Image quality, spot meter, battery life, construction, user interface, autofocus, 3 channel histogram
Viewfinder could be bigger, canon software is annoying to use, average metering (undexposure) in Av, Tv and M modes, weather sealings would be nice...

I love my new camera, I upgraded from a 300d and this a world of difference. The camera feels very good in my hands and it just weights right. The body is very well constructed and the user interface is really easy to use. I would have give a 10 rating if it has sealings for the bad weather. I live in Madison, WI, and I think I will need this feature for this winter... The price is just right, it could be more cheaper, but I think this is the best package you can buy for 1300 dollars.

I shoot everything in manual exposure mode, and I am enjoying a lot the spot meter and the exposure bracketing function. And with the 3 channel histogram, you can get the right exposure very easily. This 3 features have increased my join when I am taking pictures. The metering system tends to underxpose in many situations, just like my old 300d, so I prefer shooting in manual and get all the credit for the exposure errors...

The 5 frames per seconds feature is very useful for bracketing exposures, and then create high dynamic range images. If your hands are steady enough, mines are. I donīt shoot a lot of sports, but its nice to have the capability in the camera... you never know. The AI servo in my old 300d was inusable, but in this camera works really good. I find it very useful when shooting macro shots, just select the AF point and keep it in servo with the back button, its very easy.

And then the image quality. I shoot everything in raw so I donīt have an opinion about the jpg this camera produces. In raw mode the results are excellent, sincerely I donīt expect the results to be that good. I donīt like at all the canon software, maybe is just that I am not used to its user interface, but I tried processing some pictures and the quality did not meet my expectations. But when you use C1, all the compliments that I can say here comes into place. The colors are amazing, very natural, in a way that my old 300d never captured. I have reds that are reds now, and not oranges like my 300d. It could never get a good red, but thats another story. I think the investment in my new camera is worth just for the colors I am getting. I was pretty with the noise at high isos in the pictures of my 300d, and this camera is a huge improvement at this. I can get very clean images at iso 1600, you just have to overexpose a little and the recover from raw. Even at 3200 is really good. And the iso in thirds of a point is a really easy way to select your desired iso.

In the end, I would recommend this camera without hesitation. Its a really versatile camera, you can do sports, architecture, portraits, landscapes, macro, just everything, with a very nice tool that has all you need. The user interface is great, the camera is very quick and the buffer is huge, it feels very responsive in your hands. The resolution is enough for me and the image quality is amazing. I donīt need to go full frame with a camera like this, just put some good glass in front of it and use C1 for raw processing.