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Nikon 300mm f/2.8D ED-IF II AF-S

Review Date: Aug 9, 2010 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Everything!
What?! Noooooothing!

These types of lenses are true engineering at their best.

Super fast, super sharp and extremely leight weight compared to the f/2.8 amount of glas and build quality.

When you have tried this once, there is no going back!

Expensive yes, but you really get a gem of engineering and quality!

Ive used it for Air-Shows and it works perfect, also with extenders. (I used 1.7x)

Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S Nikkor

Review Date: Aug 9, 2010 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Razor sharp! Price, build.

Great walk around prime on FX. Perfect for portraits and low-light photography. Very sharp, AF works fast enough (though not fast as 24-70/70-200mm lenses, but still good.

I use mine mostly for portraits.
See some examples here:

Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX -Nikkor

Review Date: Aug 9, 2010 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 7 

Pros: Build quality
Too much chromatic aberration, a bit too expensive compared to other alternativers.

Overall a good lens. Works fine, however i found the chromatic aberration way too much. Price is a bit too high compared to other alternatives.

Would i recommend it? Yes, if you are a DX user and want 15mm wide angle, this is a good choice. Just be aware of chromatic aberration, which tends to show. If you can find a used copy, then i wouldnt hesitate.

If you plan on going for FX in near future, save up for the 14-24mm instead.

Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S Nikkor

Review Date: Aug 9, 2010 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: King of wide-angle!
Not really, some say price, but you really get bang for the buck!

If you are into wideangle and want the best quality out there, look no further. This baby wont let you down, ever!

It is a beauty and it delivers! Fits perfectly on D3 series and D700!

Nikon 105mm f/2.8 ED-IF AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor

Review Date: Oct 24, 2009 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Build, razorsharp, VR, lens hood included. (Hello Canon!?)

I have had many macro lenses, this is by far the most superior! You can also use it as a portrait lens since it has VR. Overall, a real gem. Forget 60mm, 85mm, save up and get this one. Smile

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED NIKKOR AF-S

Review Date: Sep 29, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $2,200.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Sharpest zoom lens ever! Ultra fast AF on D3, amazing build! Nano Coating.
Haha! You gotta be kiddin, right? ;) NONE!

Yes, this lens is extremely expensive, but it is worth every penny!

Sharp as crazy, fast, fast AF! Great build quality, weather-sealed, deliver amazing results!

I am using this one on my D3 and it rocks!

Definately best lens I have ever owned (Been with Canon for 12 years, nothing in the same range/class can compare). Yes, the Canon version is a fine lens, but when you get this one, you forget Canon like a lightning.

I am very happy with the lens hood design too, it has a clip on function when you turn it, that way it can unscrew itself and fall of like others might do. Very clever Nikon!

Will recommend it to anyone, but it will shine like a star on D700/D3! It is born for full-frame and it wont let you down!

Next up for purchase is the little brother, 14-24mm :P

Nikon D40

Review Date: Sep 3, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $600.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Price, price and price. Great entry-level camera, easy to use, very good out-of-the-box photos without editing.
Only some Nikkor lenses work on it.

It is plastic, it is cheap, but you get more than you pay for and it is a great entry-level camera. Bought one for my wife, so she could photograph our new daugther (now 9 month old) and she is shooting like crazy.

On top of that, Nikon had a campaign where you could get the SB-400 for free, makes the photography even better.

So, if you don't have a lot of money, but want the benefits of DSLR, this is what you should aim for. You will be happy and not broke at the same time.

*Highly recommended*

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

Review Date: Aug 24, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,500.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Build, focal-length area, f/2.8, sharpness, colors.

Best lens I have ever owned. I have used it on both crop 1.3x and Full-frame sensors, without doubt best on FF, though works like a charm on cropped sensor too.

Use in fashion, portraits, on location, studio work, weddings and press. It never fail you, it is fast in AF, nice zoom though it does not zoom inside the lens. Lens hood is great, its big and you have a firm grip when working.

Weather sealed, heavy (you will get used to that), I recommend using either pro bodies with built in grip or attach vertical grip, which makes it easier when doing fashion, portraits and weddings.

*Highly recommended*

Now I am just waiting for the Nikon version, then I'll have my most favorite lens again. Smile