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Nikon 28mm AF-S NIKKOR f/1.8G

Review Date: Nov 13, 2015 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $699.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Very sharp and contrasty on my D700, D3S and D800. Crystal clear rendition with no color cast.
Almost too light weight for a $700 lens if that's possible.

I was in one of my favorite camera stores buying a new Nikon V1 for my gal when feeling a little under the weather, I started looking at glass. Spending can perk me up. Wink

I'd been casually thinking about this new 28 f/1.8G for a couple of months but was a little worried about the reports of focus shifting and had 28mm covered so many ways. Besides, I rarely need fast glass in wides. Also 28mm is not my sweet spot. I bought it anyway on shear impulse thinking I could return it if it had too much uncorrectable focus shift.

I'm going to have to say I'm quite happy with the initial results on all three FX cameras I own. Not only is there not perceptable focus shift but the lens is sharper and more contrasty than I ever expected. It has as pretty and as clean of an output as any of my top lenses like my 85 f/1.4G or any other Nano coated lens in my kit. Even the bokeh is rather nice if slightly busy. It's creamy enough and better than most wides. That's for sure.

The only possible negative I can think of is that it's almost too light weight. All my FX cameras and one DX model are somewhat heavier all magnesium bodies. All my better glass is heavier metal and glass lenses, so this lens is super light. It feels like my 50 f/1.8G for Heaven's sake. As good as it is, I'll get used to it, I'm sure. I might even learn to love 28mm. Wink

I"m going to use it on the job next week and that's saying something for sure. I usually use a lens for pleasure a long time before committing to it on paid assignments. Highly recommended. | |