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Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Review Date: May 10, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $284.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: 1.4 is fantastic, impossible shoots in semi dark areas with no flash a possibilitie, very sharp, very fast, compact, easy to carry arround all day on your camera.
The hood, sorry only like petal shape hood.

This lens was a purchase I did not want to make wrilly, as I only use L grade lenses for many reasons especially becouse they are resistent to the elements and that is very important to me, but I try this lens and the L 1.0 and absolutelly did not find a resonable purchase for this particular L lens so I purchased the 50mm f1.4, anyway I will used mostly indoors so no problem if is not resistent to the elements like all my other lenses, the lens is great the pictures are crysp, sharp the back ground molds in or out with grace as you play w/ the F stop, but the best part of this lens is that will get you great pictures inside very poor light areas with no flash, it makes you look again after you see the picture you just have taken appere in you lcd, it looks as if some one turned the lights on wile you were shooting the picture.
great lens i reccomended, my only negative is by no means with the lens but with the HOOD, sorry I only like and use petal shape Hoods, also not happy with Canon service in this particulare purchase, as I said before all my lenses are L grade so they come all w/hood (petal shape) so for this purchase I ask a Canon representetive to guide me true in order to find the right Hood for this lens other than the ugly round weel, and he suggested the EW-63II wich is of the same 58mm diameter but it thos not scrue in so I got S.

If any one knows a petal shape Hood to fit this lens please let me know thanks [email protected]

Canon EOS 1D Mark II N

Review Date: May 10, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $3,649.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Built like as if was made of Italian marble, solid yet very confortible on your hand, incredibly fast fast shutter, responsiveness absolutelly great, resistent to the elements a plus, double recording media in different conbinations, lcd a plus, solid and sharp, overall a dream machine that screams at you to push that botton and create create.
If any one find something negative about this camera it dos not belong with this camera.

I already wrote a review of this camera but posted in the wrong place(be..)
but I love this machine so much that I wanted to insure that my posting was seen by those looking to purchase this camera to tell them absolutelly by this monster of a machine you will hardly put it down, it wants to shoot it must shoot, and the speed this camera is capable of shooting at will make your head speen, before you shoot you may want to look arround for coops, you do not want to get a tiket.

buy this camera and be prepared to be taken for a great ride.

Some of my friend left at me becouse as I mostly shoot female protrait and artistic nude they say it was creasy to get this camera it is not made for my porpuse.

But as they continue to see the resolts they marvel as how many perfect photos I get out of each photo section wile the girls are jumping arround or performing some kind of dance or sudden movement it is captured by this camera at ease, no problem, CUT PRINT, GO HAVE FUN WITH THE GIRLS!!!

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

Review Date: May 1, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,649.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: This lens is amaizing fast, sharp at all aperture, the IS gives you so much more to shoot and print than you can immagin wile shooting free hand, L series makes a large difference, hard to look at any non L lens, wheter resistent a big plus for me, great fill love this one.
Yes now I will look for this quality in all my lenses, it will not be easy.

No matter wath I shoot this lens gives me crysp immages in all settings w/ a Hoya Super Quality cir-poairizing filter the resolts are even better great with a 500D for close-up and just as great with a 1.4 new teleconverter from canon, I see no loss of immage and love the Hood to, mostly I used for portrait and artistic nudes, preparing to publish a calendar book and love to use this lens day after day, just great, fast fast focus, immage stabilizzation is a true wonder wen you move arround to get the perfect frame of your model and you shoot to get the exact moment on frame and this lens helps you get it with great resolts, more prints wen shotting free hand with a large camera like the canon 1D Mark 2N, the built of his lens is perfectly married with thath of my camera, solid wether proof high quality optics and of excellent construction, I reccomend this lens very very much.

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II

Review Date: May 1, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $3,650.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Solid like Italian marble, yet feels just perfect in your hand, smooth and curvy, all the bottons on the right place, so fast I look for cops before I shoot, constructed like a armer vehicle, autofocus very impressive w/45p, love this camera never step down fron the 1d series again, trully unbelivaible machine.
Absolutelly nulla, nada, rien, nothing, nudda.

I can definatelly feel up pages talking about the 1D MARK 2 n, is just that great, but I weel be short, also becouse the more I write the more errors I will make my inglish is not as good, but I tell you if you are in the market for a new pro camera look no more this is it!!!

I my self try for months different cameras, Nkon, Kodak, Fujitsu, Mamiya, but at the end also thanks to the reviews of this fantastic site I decide for the Canon 1D mark 2N and love it!!!