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Nikon D7000

Review Date: Dec 9, 2011 Recommend? no | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 4 

Pros: Its a Nikon. That means it matches many of my Nikon accessories. It also takes good to good (As opposed to excellent) videos which is the main reason I bought it. The multi point focus selector seems to be better than my D700.
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I can see very little value in having a high Megapixel sensor when the main difference is more noise. Noise control is still best done post shoot with non-Nikon software

Not a pinch on a D700 for high ISO noise control but then we're talking about small sensor sites.

I've owned this camera for more than a year. You still have to underexpose 1.5 stops to use Dynamic lighting to its best effect. I had expected by now, Nikon would have got a hold on this issue and fixed it.

The camera handles with typical Nikon familiarly. Live view is easy to use and contrast focusing works but not how I expected it would, Hunting off to find a face during filming. Most annoying.

Otherwise I can't find much else that is different enough between this camera and the D300s I replaced it with for it to stand out as remarkable.

Even as a replacement for a D90, I'd have to suggest waiting for the Mk II version because despite its age... D90's are still the camera to measure all Nikon APS size DSLR's by. Either they are as good as one feature or not. Overall the D7000 is a better camera but not in as many areas as you'd expect.

If Nikon could only produce the substantial jump they got when releasing D90, they'd have an excellent product. As it is now, I'm sorry to report at frame number 17,000, I am disappointed. I was also disappointed with the D300s.

I'm forming the opinion that APS sensor sizes are the reason for my disappointment. My D700 and D3 are both very nice cameras. Probably spoil me for anything less that the quality they produce which like all Nikons, needs Capture 2NX to obtain stomal results.

Perhaps my biggest disappointment is that you must still use Nikon Capture 2NX to process RAW images or you lose much of the image quality I find so pleasing.

Until Nikon release a camera that exceeds not just equals its rivals and they include with it, what I feel is essential software (Capture 2 NX) I'll continue to hold the opinion this is another ...Ho-Hum, next please camera.

Nikon again promises much and only delivers on the promise after you spend way more money than you should have to. A real Pity because what I bought this camera for - HD video and identical looking stills that I can combine into a wedding presentation... I've got to buy duplicate cameras and lenses of a different brand.