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Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

Review Date: Jul 16, 2016 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $130.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Very sharp, responsive and excellent zoom range. Get great reach with image stabilizaton on a lens easy to walk around with
None, does have plastic mount but haven't found any drawbacks

I had a chance to pick up this lens from Canon USA's website as a refurb, at a price I couldn't pass up. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the images obtained with this lens on my 7D mkii! I own two very excellent L lenses in the telephoto range, the 100-400 mk i, and 500 L f4. Of course this small lens can't match the rendition of those lenses or work as well in low light, but I don't always want to haul the larger, heavier lenses out if I want to stroll at a Zoo, or sit on my back porch photographing birds and butterflys - in those cases, this little STM lens fits the bill very nicely! The zoom range on a crop sensor puts you in great telephoto photography ranges, and as a closeup lens as well for insects, butterflys and flowers

I was also interested in this lens after reading reviews that it's a great lens with the stepping motor for shooting video footage, something I often do and the reviews were spot on. You cannot hear any IS or lens zooming, focusing noise whatsoever and this lens will probably be dedicated to video capture of nature and wildlife footage. Anyway, if you have a chance to acquire one, you won't be disappointed!

Canon EOS 7D

Review Date: May 18, 2011 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,699.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Well built, great ISO range, 8fps w/o grip, Dual processors, Image Quality, Focus choices, QuickView of settings, Super Movie Mode, easy to learn Menus
Sophisticated, there's a learning curve, for everyone

I had lost my trusty Nikon D300S in a recent auto accident, and had an opportunity to replace it or go w/ the 7D. Since I'm getting serious about wildlife/birding and associated video, the specs for the 7D in the video and the bit higher resolution really peaked my interest. I also was able to acquire an EF L500, a lens I've long wanted for wildlife, whereas the comparable on the Nikon side would take me a bit longer to acquire.

Am I pleased with my choice of the 7D over the D300S - absolutely. The two cameras are often compared and both are great for wildlife and birding, which is what I've dedicated this system for. I still have other Nikon bodies - D200, D2H which will now be used for scenics, and other shooting as I didn't want to dismiss with my collection of great lenses!

I had researched and had some concerns about the 7D, reading mostly user reviews, but also saw very high marks given across the boards, and so I concluded as has almost always been the case with both Nikon and Canons - some faulty bodies to find their way to the masses. I experienced that with my D2H and the common metering issues, which was sent in to Nikon, repaired promptly, and has worked flawlessly ever since.

I am not seeing any AF issues at all w/ my 7D... but it's a different camera than I've been used to. I had to become familiar with the various settings and options. I found a resource that quickly got me up to speed ... Arthur Morris' 7D Setup Guide - right down my alley for the type of photography I wanted to obtain from this camera.

I've had mine a little over a month, have shot about 5-6K images, and am very pleased with the rate of keeper images. I'm still adjusting to various AF settings for birds in flight and action photography, but have found I can live with the 19 AF points, as well as the expanded spot and do quite well. I shoot RAW, and haven't loaded the supplied software, I use Adobe Lightroom to process my raw images and adjustments needed have been minimal.

As far as video, just dappled a bit, but very pleased with the video interface. The integral mic does a better job than the D300S did as far as eliminating camera noises, but I use a yamaha pocket recording to capture sound independently of the camera.

Body handling wise, I found both cameras very similar... I love the 100 percent viewfinder of the 7D. So soooo far sooo good and happy to add this camara to my lineup!

Nikon D2Hs

Review Date: Dec 26, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $2,099.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Very rugged design, yet easily handled; Extremely nice image renditions for a 4.1MP camera; Large buffer for continuous shooting, especially nice with RAW; Battery life is superb
Had to send mine back for the metering problem, but ever since it's been updated, it's even better than before in AF, WB and image quality.

I bought the D2H to go along with my Fuji S2. I'm primarily an outdoors/nature photographer, however in accordance with my job, to do assignment photography as well to support libraries and subject content. While I loved the S2 for general scenic work, it was just too slow to handle wildlife, especially birds, butterflies and moving creatures! I highly value shooting in RAW mode, and the S2 just didn't keep up with my demands. So I purchased the D2H when the price plummeted, and was pleasantly surprised that I was getting images as good or better as the S2, once I learned to master some of the settings available.

I love the menuing system, the ability to assign banks of settings for various shooting scenarios.... the ease of browsing and setting various parameters, and even a handy FUNCTION button to assign as needed. A HUGE plus too has been the CLS system. I purchased an SB600 with my D2H. Setting the D2H to sync up with the shutter speed is way cool.

As mentioned, my D2H did experience the "dead metering" syndrome, and right when I was due for an autumn color shoot in North Carolina... I had to send it in, and luckily the S2 and my F100 filled the bill for this photo trip. The S2 was fixed and waiting to be picked up at the post office when I returned home, about 7 days later. It's really been performing excellent ever since. Happy shooting!

I have one lens, an older Tokina 80-200 f2.8 that the D2H will not always AF with, sometime will, sometimes won't... perplexing! Since I loved the D2H so well, I've since sold my trusty S2 and am in line to get a D200 to go with ... I think these two excellent Nikon bodies will cover my needs digitally, and along with my Nikon F100 which I just won't part with ... I'll be well equipped.

Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF AF

Review Date: Dec 2, 2005 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $575.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Covers a nice zoom range; not too heavy, built in Macro feature really comes in handy. Very good performance on dSLRs.
72mm... most of my other lenses are 77mm. Plastic-like, but still very nice handling.

I really enjoy the range of focal length this lens provides, and have used it both on film F100, and my digital SLRs, Fuji S1 & S2, D2h. A bonus is that it provides very good macro capability if you want to travel light and not take along a dedicated macro lens. I do see better macro results with my Sigma 105 EX, but you can stil achieve nice closeups with this single lense.

Focusing is fast and smooth, quiet. Len balances well with SLRs, and not too heavy handheld, but you still have something to grip onto.

This is a lens that always stays on my dSLR, in the bag, ready to go. Great all-around travel lens.