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Canon EOS 5DS R

Review Date: Jun 2, 2016 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Colour better than previous models. On/off switch better placed. Dials lock. More/better menu options.
Depth of field preview button moved to position that doesn't work for me,. Preferred 5D2 placement. Complex menus can take time getting used to..

No point in mentioning the obvious, like high MP count, reinforced baseplate etc - you know that stuff already.

PRO:Highly customisable, a delight to work with once you have learned the new menus. Does the things I wished the 5D before would do. More bracketing options etc. Colour is better.

Love that they moved the on/off switch- that was a hassle before as was the lack of compensation dial and joystick lock, which it now has. Love the function button, perfect for swapping crop modes (customisable). Love that there's lots of customisation options. (e.g. set the Fn button to a different crop mode of your choice- so much choice with this camera!) Really great to work with. Those that don't like it are probably using it in situations it wasn't optimised for.

CON: only ones I can think of are: Depth of field preview button moved to position that doesn't work for me,. (Preferred 5D2 placement).

Almost cons;
Shutter button is SUPER sensitive - takes getting used to.
This is where so many menu options can work against you until you have studied it over and over - the plethora of menu choices really do actually need proper study (it's the only bit that you can't transfer automatically from the previous 5Dxx). - the extra menus (over the 5D2) take some getting used to (e.g.Blurry 100% preview confusion if you are also shooting jpg and haven't got the settings right.
DR could be better perhaps but it's not a deal breaker

Not concerned about moiré, lower ISO options or fast frame rate - if those are your priorities get a different camera.

I use it mostly for landscape (with the 16-35f4L) but lately have also been using it on holiday and for street. Sure, not ideal due to size and weight but apart from that a fantastic performer with the 24-70f4L IS producing images with luxurious tones and exquisite detail. With the IS I get as many keepers as with previous cameras despite the 50MP showing up every tiny flaw in technique

Overall there's little to criticise assuming you knew what you were buying and why, but LOTS to praise, it really is a fantastic camera

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Review Date: Jun 13, 2010 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: IS, resolution
price and weight

Was lucky enough to get one of the first batch. Using on the 5D2: If this was lighter and cheaper it would rate a 10 (perfect). i.e. the only things holding it back from being a perfect lens are the price and weight.

IS is very impressive, better than IS on any other lens Iv'e used, with CARE one can HH at very slow speeds and pixel peeping confirms.

Resolution is as good as any other lens in same FLs and better than many. Apart from the obvious fact that it's f2.8 in practice is as good as the 135L, or the 85L at same f-stops, which is saying something. It is certainly better at the long end than the 70-200L f4 IS that I had.

DPreview pretty much hits the nail on the head, and as you can see all the reviews here are (so far) very positive)

In time one can get over the price but the weight is another matter, I really notice this lens after carrying it about all day. Canon has sussed IS, all we need from them now is anti-grav (AG?) Wink

Highly recommended

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Review Date: Jan 6, 2009 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Improvements that make the biggest difference for me: 21MP, better VF. Body is not 1 series but is excellent for its range.
Does not give the creamy IQof the 5D Mk1 Colour seems harder to manage but this might be the fault of Lightroom®

This is not a technical review, it is what it says on the tin, IMPRESSIONS. I'm writing these first impressions of the 5D2 as someone who has just upgraded from the 5D mk1.

Images in this PART 1 of my impressions

[available here:]

were shot with the 24-105L and with EV 2/3rds , due to something I had read suggesting this was an adjustment worth making also because DXO rated the ISO settings as actually lower than stated and also because I wanted to push the highlights to test DR and the highlight recoverability in Adobe Lightroom (or ACR). More could obviously be done in Photoshop but Im only looking at what's attainable here by a) a non expert and b) QUICK editing.

I deliberately took these type of shots to push the limits ( not for artistic merit!:lol:) All images shot in RAW in AV mode with Evaluative metering and exported to theweb from Lightroom® (as jpgs obviously). Mouseover the images to access the photo info. Choose your preferred viewing style, top right of the page, unfortunately for 'photo info' to be available you will need to select a viewing style other than 'Journal'. Original size enabled for 100% viewing.

Things that are self-evident I will not make further comments on e.g. the resolution, it is 21MP, nothing more needs to be said about that! Nor will I comment on things that are the same or very close to same as the 5D Mk1, the new view-screen, controls layout etc. Whilst I appreciate these improvments they didnt present me with a problem in the Mk1 so they're not an issue in the Mk2. What I will comment on is those things that make a real difference to me.

NO NOISE REDUCTION applied to ANY of the images. only the most basic adjustments made in LR (or ACR). Unadjusted shots shown first, second version is after some adjustments applied. I will take some more shots today without setting exposure compensation and post them later.

- On/Off button: On the Mk1 this was prone to turing itself on or off while it rubbed against your body as you carried it, and this really bugged me; now on the Mk2 its positioning is better in that it is slightly smaller and stands less proud of the body in relation to the view screen and wheel dial, both of which now give it some slight protection against accidental changing. We'll see if it's better in practice.
- Viewfinder: on the Mk1 I found that it was hard to see the edges of the frame in one glance, the Mk2 is better in this regard, the VF is a distinct improvement
- Top info window: the Av and Tv settings appear larger. This is good.
- more customisable settings on the mode dial - excellent! :D
- Rubber seal on baseplate came off accidentally while I was checking over the camera for the first time. I pushed it on firmly but it is still too loose IMO. People are going to lose those, mark my words.
- The resolution is great, probably the lenses are more the limiting factor now rather than the sensor.
- The camera handles better and has improvements overall such that you really feel it is a state of the art high spec upgrade worthy of succeeding the Mk1
- The huge files generated by the Mk2 make me wish I could afford to upgrade my computer as well (Apple G5 2.3 ppc). Lightroom® is much slower and I expect Photoshop® and Bridge® will be too
- The camera has the improvements I hankered after, better VF, screen, mode dial etc. It's a lovely camera, I really like it.

- The wide DR and ultra resolution is there, but the post processing workflow is going to need to be relearned to get the best from the Mk2
- I hope ACR and LR will get upgrades that work better with the 5D2, because as it stands Canon's own DPP produces better results noise-wise and colour-wise (google for examples)

- CONCLUSION: There are many small differences between the images that the two cameras produce and many small differences between the two cameras themselves but in my book it all boils down to one single difference: if you want the super high resolution of the 21MP sensor then the get the Mk2; if however you value the beautiful creamy quality to your images over sheer resolution, then stick with the Mk1, as the Mk2 just does not have the creamy quality of the Mk1

For me, I'll stick with the Mk2 because I really want the resolution, but I do miss that creaminess that was exclusive to the Mk1