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Nikon 35mm f/2D AF Nikkor

Review Date: Apr 9, 2013 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $200.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: SHARP! Even wide open this lens blows me away(which is how I use it 90% of the time!). If there is any distortion I have yet to see all. PRICE! ~$200-250 for this "little"/old looking lens? I would do it again, any day!
N.O.N.E. Sorry, but I have not seen or found a single thing that I do not like about this lens...which says a lot about Nikon glass and this lens!

Have had this for 6+ months now and it has easily become my go to lens for nearly everything.
I was usually sporting a 50/1.4 all the time(and I never liked the 35mm FOV)...but now, this lens is just IT..especially for video work..
it does NOT have a switch on the lens itself for switching between AF and MF, so you only have to flip the switch on the camera(which is easy).
The focus is so smooth, and goes from close to infinity in less than 1/2-3/4turn(IIRC-I dont have it on me to measure exactly).

It is extremely sharp! Wide open is amazing. IMHO, it is easily on par with any 35/1.4 when the 1.4 is stopped down to 1.8/2.0...maybe even better.
And being 1/5th the cost of an F/1.4? No brainer!

If you find one of these, and are on the fence, GET IT! you will not be disappointed!

Yea, it doesnt look like the best 35mm lens in the world, especially on a shiny new/modern DSLR, but who cares? the performance is what matters, and this lens does not disappoint!!

I often get "funny" looks by customers who check out my cameras(D800/D7100), and say something like: "Nice camera! what kind of lens is that? just looks like an antique or something.."
I always say, "well, let's see what the images/video looks like after we shoot and we'll talk about the lens then".
There has never been someone to bring it up post-shoot...ever. lol

What else to say?
I love this "little guy"!
Even if I was hard up for cash, I would still hold onto this lens after selling my other is just practical, and proves itself on every shot/shoot..period.