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Nikon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5D AF

Review Date: Feb 7, 2013 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $215.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Nice zoom range on FX with 1:2 macro ability. Short and small lens which helps hide it on a DSLR.
F3.5-f4.5, though in a pinch the newer cameras can push the iso. Still a negative.

I bought this to use on my D800E. YES YES YES, good glass good glass and all that.

I am thinking I wanted to go primes and wanted to see what focal lengths I shot nearest.

So far I have chosen the Nikon 85mm f1.8 which I would rate at a 9ish, thus the 7ish on this lens is pretty good.

It is a small sized lens with a great range with a fair aperture rating. it is only .5 slower than the f4 lenses out there now. It shoots 1:2 macro's.

If you can pick one up cheaply while you build cash or decide on a lens, I would recommend it as a very good walk around lens. The macro feature is nice.

My first lens review. ;- )

Tokina 28-80mm f/2.8 AT-X 280 AF PRO

Review Date: Jan 28, 2010 Recommend? no | Price paid: $275.00 | Rating: 3 

Pros: Solid Build Feels good on the camera weightwisse Looks professional
soft across the board.

I tried this lens out for kicks at a HS basketball game. I usually use my sigma 50-150, but wanted to see if this lens was as soft as i felt it was. When I pulled the images up on photoshop cs, the softness was immediately obvious. I did not even have to zoom to see it.

I sent it in to THK USA for repairs (btw their customer service is FANTASTIC). Super fast responses to my emails, within hours of sending.

The reply they sent me said ...

This lens is working within specifications for a FILM camera. Digital cameras are more demanding on a lens.

On a positive note, they did not charge me to check it out. I was thinking they would charge me the $70.00 base fee.

I would not recommend this lens to anyone. I did a quick sharpness test between this lens and my kit 18-135 at f5.6. the tokina lost to that kit lens. why keep a heavy lens like this one that cant even beat a wider and longer lens ?

sadly this copy will end up on ebay and i will start my quest for a replacement.

Sigma 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC HSM APO

Review Date: Jan 13, 2009 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $700.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: appears sharp to me, does not extend when you zoom,
lens cover is not internal pinch

I have had the lens about a year. I dont have any complaints. I shoot for fun, not for resale so that will allow you to balance my numbers.

I dont seem to have a problem with front or back focus (yeh i wanted to see when i heard about that lens issue)

Tokina 20-35mm f/2.8 AT-X 235 AF PRO

Review Date: Jan 13, 2009 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $275.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Seems sharp to me. Lens does not extend when zoomed which i like.
hmm .. heavier than cheap glass

Lens seems sharp to me. If I missed a focus at my sons basketball game I am certain it was due to my less than stellar skills. When shooting F2.8 the margin of error is not great.

I would check it a few days later by using a tree to see if there was a focusing error.

I like lens's that dot not extend when they zoom.

My 2 cents