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Canon EOS 1D X

Review Date: Oct 8, 2016 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $2,800.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Autofocus speed and accuracy, low-light performance, image quality, durability, build quality, customizability

I purchased my first 1D-X about three years ago, paying the hefty full price of $6500. At the time, my plan was to relegate my previous #1 body, the 5D MkII, to a backup camera. What I soon learned, however, was that the 1D-X blew the 5D out of the water on autofocus alone. It so excelled that I couldn't stand using the 5DII by comparison; it felt like shooting with a point-and-shoot the autofocus was so sluggish. I sold the 5DII and decided to hold onto my 1DIII as my backup camera. In about 3 years since, I have not used the 1DIII one time because the !D-X was so superior.

In the 3 years I've used that body, I've used it for wildlife photography on a 600 f/4 II lens; shot architecture with TSE 24 and 17mm lenses, photographed portraits and head shots in studio and on location, photographed corporate events, and shot numerous product photography jobs with compact macro lenses. I've never been disappointed.

Recently, Canon CPS removed the 1DIII from its list of supported equipment, so I reached the conclusion that I needed to replace it. So happy was I with the 1D-X that my impulse was to see if I could find a good used body to serve as a second body. So several weeks ago I purchased a second one with just 47K actuations at only $2800.

Last week I had the opportunity to take both bodies out for some wildlife photography with both the 600mm f/4 vII and a 70-200mm f/4. To my amazement, the newer body makes even sharper images of distant subjects than the first one. Just so it's clear, I have had Canon CPS clean and check both bodies, and I copied the settings from the first to the second one, so both should have been equivalent.

Needless to say, I am THRILLED that I now have 2 of these bodies. No camera I have ever owned in 10 years of professional work have come close to the 1D-X.