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Nikon D1H

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7 35356 Dec 30, 2008
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100% of reviewers $1,125.00
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Sensor: 2.7 Effective Megapixels
Max resolution: 2000 x 1312 pixels
ISO 200-1600
Continuous shooting at approx. 5 frames per sec. up to 40 consecutive shots
Storage media: CompactFlash Type I and II


D Strass
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Registered: Apr 5, 2007
Location: United States
Posts: 420
Review Date: Dec 30, 2008 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $450.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Awesome IQ, Great Build
Poor battery life, WB leaves something to be desired

This camera is amazing. I'm not sure if it's the lowly 2MP, or the weak AA filter, but it takes simply amazing pictures. I never have to sharpen any files in post.

To me, it's kind of like using a film camera with a histogram on the back. The viewfinder is big and bright, and the controls are pretty simple. The LCD is no good for reviewing shots, but if the histogram is used, the exposures are spot on.

I've used this at weddings and for nature shots, and it always performs wonderfully. The Black & White photos it produces at ISO 1600 have a film-like essence.

Is it a perfect camera? No. But if you like a simple, well-built, camera that lets you make some wonderful imagery, and don't want to spend a lot, this is the one to get.

Dec 30, 2008
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Registered: Jan 5, 2005
Location: France
Posts: 182
Review Date: Dec 6, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Sturdy, fast, compact NEF files with a lot of room for post-processing, fast AF.
Battery life, battery latching mechanism, high-ISO performance and resolution (by modern standards.)

I bought this camera used in 2005, with already a lot of shutter
life. I once accidentally dropped it on carpet from 1.5 feet of height
and this damaged the mirror mount -- I was a bit disappointed, I
thought the camera would be sturdier but again, results from falls can
be unpredictable. NPS took care of it.

To finish with the negative aspect, I think the battery locking
mechanism isn't really good, or there's some play in mine: I've lost
two batteries in the field (recovered one.)

I like this camera: it's a pro-body that is very
affordable. Everything is fast, when you're taking pictures and also
back into the darkroom for post processing.

The lack of pixels can be compensated by being more careful when
framing, or stitching images together when applicable. This constraint
can certainly be used to steer your technique into some interesting

High ISO, personally and to my tastes up to 640. Long exposures will
require dark frame subtraction for acceptable results.

I'd highly recommend this camera, there's nothing like a pro feel; and
the practice you get out of pro gears, even if there's a bit to pay
for it on some performance aspects...

Dec 6, 2007
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PJ Fish
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Registered: Nov 24, 2006
Location: Denmark
Posts: 18
Review Date: Nov 3, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Fast fast fast! This is an awesome fast camera with good AF and very clean NO NOISE files up to 1600 iso it is super strongmade and durable with a shutter life almost endless; i have only good words to say of this true PJ classic; its a workhorse which holds its own even today.No other DSLR cam today is so good made(anno almost 2008) this machine is a true Nikon classic-.period. Used by serious photojournalists worldwide..incredible..
A little bit dissapointing batterylife but thats about it.

This must be Nikons Machine Gunner DSLR classic camera which still holds is own.It is a fantastic camera,i still use it ocassionally and i even got two.I pair it up with another true Nikon classics like Nikon 300 mm 4 if ED and Nikkor 80-200 F2,8 (both none Afs) and guess what? this Nikon D1H can autofocus them like cream because of the strong fast instant start up and motor inside.
I never had any problems with this cams whether I have used it for sports and PJ work in generel.the only thing is to bring a couple of cheap extra battery spares with you and go for it.!
Of course this camera has it limits and thats why you should be aware what you shoot and how much you crop ; but its up to the photographer to make a good pic and not the cam itself....isnt it?
The files i made with this D1H is the best and sharpest i have seen right out of the box.For sports, PJ work in generel it still beats the newcomers D200 and Nikon D80 regarding speed and handling.
The Nikon D1H is even today used by local news papers world wide as the standard for photojournalists ! go and buy a used item of this photoworlds Chevy 57.

Nov 3, 2007
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Registered: Oct 17, 2004
Location: United States
Posts: 436
Review Date: Apr 8, 2007 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: reliability, IQ
ergonomics, batteries, primitive color handling

Remember when Nikon made a cutting edge, high performance DSLR that could shoot through anything without missing a beat? Yeah, me too.

Seriously, this camera handles noise well, makes a sharp file, is fast enough in every respect (AF, buffer/write speed, etc.) and is a total workhorse. I've been issued these by several employers and they just keep working. Many have outlived much younger D2H's.

My main gripe concer the primitive ergonomics, especialy shooting verticals (no sub-command dial, small and deeply recessed AF button). and the batteries are NiMH so they suffer memory effects and the camera chews through a charge quicky (a day or so). But they are the best available when the camera was made. Also there are strange hue shifts under vapor and tungsten lights, especially in the reds, which can be tough to fix in post.

There's something to be said for small, sharp files and their light demands on computer memory. I've cropped to 2/3 frame and printed at 11x17. It looks pretty good from a foot or two away. Up close and you can tell the image is a little pixel-poor.

Standards have surpassed the camera, but it still serves it's intended purpose adequately. Still, I'm not sure why one would buy one of these today...

Apr 8, 2007
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Registered: Mar 17, 2003
Location: United States
Posts: 5429
Review Date: Jun 27, 2006 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: 5fps, 25/40 raw/jpeg buffer, improved firewire speeds, iso 200-1600 in 1/3 steps, hi-1, hi-2 (iso 3200 & 6400) intuitive menu system, 1/500 x sync, max speed 1/16000, self correceting shutter, amazing control of noise & grain at higher ISOs
same battery issue as all other D1 series, exposure on LCD using custom image parameters can be deceiving, zoom on image is a simple 10x, rubber can lose it's grip as all other D1 series.

D1h... underrated. Seriously overlooked D-SLR. It's an insanely fast D1x with half the pixels.

A few pros:

Besides the obvious improvents over its predecessor, the D1. Finally a menu system which you can access at any time, without going into play mode! Custom functions are easy to navigate now, and the LCD shows 100% of the image (the D1 cropped the image somewhat) the power is better managed too, no more pure white exposures when you don't have enough juice on your battery. Battery power is better managed too, on a fresh battery I got nearly 500 raw images! The in camera processing is so much nicer than the D1, the color seems to lean more to warm. The focus is still fast, the same as the D1. 2.7mpx D1h raw files can still retain some serious D-range! I have a couple 20x30s to prove this.

A few cons:

Batteries... carry spares, auto white balance, as usual-no good, AI lens compatibilty, although not the greatest is OK, some lenses are still not fully compatible, but that's a non-issue. Firewire port in a bad place, actually, was surprised they didn't go with 4-pin firewire port, much more sturdy, AC power also in the wrong place. Gotta clean the CCD, you need the AH-4 ac adapter... and the nikon bill for tuning this and D1x, D1.. $630, this gets your AF mirror alignment, new rubber, new shutter. Is it worth it, YES. These cameras are the best workhorses for pros, weddings, pjournalism, street shooting, it all comes with a price, and the pleasure of having the images up on your walls for all to see Wink

Get a D1h to compliment your D1x, D2h, D200, D70, D50, D100...

Jun 27, 2006
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Registered: Dec 16, 2004
Location: United States
Posts: 119
Review Date: Dec 28, 2004 Recommend? yes | Price paid: $1,800.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Quick shutter, large (40 frames in JPEG) buffer, hi-speed flash synch.
Battery life

Purchased to take over as primary body with D1 as backup. ISO1600 shots a tremendous improvement over the D1. Large buffer for sequence shots (sports and nature action). Bulletproof body. 2.74 megapixel file size not a disadvantage. Have had shots of 1/3 of a frame blown up to 11x17 for advertising that look great. Sold the body after 6 months for $1,500 (along with the D1) to buy a D2H.

Dec 28, 2004
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Registered: Jun 7, 2003
Location: Canada
Posts: 468
Review Date: Jun 15, 2003 Recommend? yes | Price paid: Not Indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Bullit proof, 5fps, great at 1600asa, metering, high flash sync, flexible custom settings, 1.5 crop.
heavy, file size, battery life, not as good as the 1D.

This is my work horse, it's not perfect but it's as close as Nikon make at the moment for sports/PJ's and wildlifers. I sell a ton of pictures out of this camera and it's stellar. My customers are blown away with the colour straight out of the camera (much scewin around with settings to get it right) and it will print to 11X14 as good as anything. I do wish it had a few more megapixels and more fps, canons 1D is a better camera (at the moment) but although I'm very tempted to switch I'll hang on another year to see if a D2h rears it's head. I love the 1.5 crop it makes my day at the rugby or soccer or ski hill a lot easier. I shoot a lot in doors at 1600 asa and it is truely amazing in these tough conditions. The battery life, however, is an embarisment! make sure you buy 3 or 4.

Jun 15, 2003
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Nikon D1H

Buy from B&H Photo
Reviews Views Date of last review
7 35356 Dec 30, 2008
Recommended By Average Price
100% of reviewers $1,125.00
Build Quality Rating Price Rating Overall Rating