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Nikon D5

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I am surprised not to find a review of the D5 on this forum so here is mine.

I will start with the whingeing -

1) why of why Nikon did you not follow Canon and include a GPS module in this camera? I own 2 Nikon GPS units, but continue to break connection cables AND suffer when I want to use a remote or wireless trigger and GPS at the same time.

2) Why did you change the Dynamic-Area AF (DAAF)formula in the D5 and D500 -- Thank you for D-9 but DAAF simply no longer performans the same way on the D5/D500 as it did on every previous Nikon Pro Camera. And that is hurting me.

Whinging over -- the D5 is truly extraordinary and a huge step up from the D4s -- 20.6mp (a working size image - 16 was too small), so much faster and more accurate AF, so much better and cleaner sensor at the ISOs I work at, so much faster write speeds (in my twin XQD); so so so solid.

Other than my 2 whinges - one of which DAAF I am sure could be fixed by a firmware update - the D5 is my no 1 camera body - particularly when paired with my 400 or 600 E/FL lenses.