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Vieri Bottazzini is an Italian Fine Art landscape photographer and
educator, with a personal style rooted in pure photographic craftsmanship.
Passionate about the outdoors, Vieri believes in honouring the majestic
power of our planetís beauty by creating his iconic images using
unadulterated photography only. Through his unique black & white and
subtly post-processed colour images, Vieri tells stories about the
relationship between nature and mankind, exploring the concepts of time
and of the surreal. Vieriís Fine Art work has been viewed millions of times
on social media and featured on leading publications such as Medium
Format Magazine, LEMAG, Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine,
and more.

Vieri leads truly limited attendance 3-people Workshops in places like
Iceland, Scotland, England, the Southwest USA, Italy, France and Spain,
where he fully shares his knowledge and his art with his Alumni. Vieriís
diverse and vast Portfolio is the culmination of over a decade of passion,
love and craftsmanship, of months spent on the road every year, of
hundreds of kilometres of hikes and most of all, of a lifetime's devotion to
the arts.

Through his work and tutoring, Vieri aims to inspire others to embrace
their inner artist and find their own path to self-expression.

Vieri Bottazzini
Proud Ambassador for Phase One & f-stop
gear | ABIPP
Phase One XT, Leica M10-R and lenses.
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