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I am director of William L. Brown Center (WLBC) at Missouri Botanical Garden, and Curator of Economic Botany. Originally a vegetation ecologist, I focus now on the interface between plant use, conservation and resource management. I held university appointments as Assistant Professor at University of Bayreuth (Germany), as Associate Professor and Scientific Director of Lyon Arboretum at University of Hawaii, and as Research Fellow at University of Texas, Austin, and have taught a wide variety of classes in the US, Germany, Africa and Latin America, using English, German, and Spanish as teaching languages.

Specialties:My current research interests focus on medicinal plants, neglected crops, wild crop relatives and traditional crop varieties, Seed and Germination Ecology, Natural Resource Management, International law in relation to Intellectual Property Rights, Ecology and Environment, Plant Ecology and Regeneration Ecology, with current projects in Peru, Ecuador, Iran, India, Nepal and Kenya.

And of course I do a bit of photography.

Dr. Rainer W. Bussmann

5DmkIII, 6D, 60D

24mm/1.4LII; 24-70/4LIS; 15-85/3.5-5.6IS; 70-200/4LIS; 70-300/3.5-5.6DO; 70-300/4.5-5.6LIS; 8-15/4L; 135/ 2L; 200/2.8L; 100/2.8; 100/2L; 60/2.8; 40/2.8

Sigma 35/1.4; 85/1.4; 180/3.5