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I am professional fine art photographer operating out of Las Vegas. Currently I am partnered in a Las Vegas and Soho NYC gallery with Art Wolfe.

Robert Park

Master Printmaker

5x7 Seneca View ---75 mm 90
mm 120 mm 150mm
210 mm 240mm -lens'

Hasselblad H3DII-50
HCD 35-90mm
HC 150mm

Nikon D7100
14-24 2.8
35mm 1.4
35-70 2.8d

Colorgetter Eagle Drum Scanner
Agfa Matrix 16k 4x5 Film recorder
Epson 11880
Epson 10600 Archival ink
Canon IPF8100s
Chromira 50 enlarger
Colex RTK 50 processor
Monaco Proof w Gretag Spectro
NEC PA271 W Display