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Male,married,semi-retired,52yrs old this year semi pro photographer.
Love wildlife/natural history,
take photographs of all kinds of subjects.

Philip Higgins

Nikon AF film F5 F90x F90 F80 F501
Nikon MF most of the MF slr bodies.
Canon AF film 3xRTs.
Canon MF film A1,AE1,AE1P, AT1,AL1, AV1,F1, FTbn film bodies,
Nikon Coolpix 990 & 4500.
D50 D80 D1 D1H D1x D2H D2x D700 D3
Fuji S1pro x2 S2 prox2 S3 pro S5pro x2 bodies
Lenses Nikon AF14mm upto 400mm
Sigma AF 4.5 f2.8, 10-20mm 500mm f4.5
Tokina ATX 28-80 f2.8 ATX80-200 f2.8 ATX 300 f2.8
to much other gear to list