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I've always had a passion for photography.
I got my first SLR when I was 12 years old,
a used 35mm Miranda with 3 lenses. When
I graduated H.S. I moved up to an Olympus
OM-2GS. I always dreamed about owning a
Nikon; it represented -Making It! But when
digital came into being, all of the wedding
photographers only had one camera
system - Canon! Now, everyone is
switching to Sony, but I'm still not so sure
that Sony is the way to go, not yet.

My baby is a Canon 5DSR followed by a
6D. I also have a Rebel SL1 that I had
modified to Infrared w/a Super-Color filter
by LifePixel, which is great fun. And when
I'm just fooling around, I have a regular
white Rebel SL1 because it's a great
camera and I recently got a Sony a6300.