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Photography has been my hobby since I
was a child. I enjoy mostly wildlife,
landscape and family photography or
anything else that catches my eye. I was
employed as a weekend sports
photographer and also did freelance sports
photography shooting professional soccer
and around the same time shot the 1976
Olympic Womenís US gymnastics trials as
a memorable highlight. I have also done
occasional wedding photography and small
commercial jobs on my own over the years.
I come from a family linage of
photographers. My dad started out as a
cinematographer and later on owned and
operated a camera store in the San
Fernando Valley when I was a child. He
also did commercial, event and portrait
photography along with motion picture for
event and commercial clients with me
tagging along sometimes. My Grand
was an avid snap-shooter and I still have
his albums, many of his original negatives
and probably his cameras as well as some
of my Dadís stuff. Iím a bit of a gearhead
mainly because I love mechanical things,
am fascinated by optics and of course I
enjoy traveling and creating photos. My
professional career has been as a
Mechanical Design Engineer mostly in
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
with a short stint in Aerospace doing,
among other things, Shuttle and Space
Station related projects. I started out
studying photography, switching to Optics
and then ending up in engineering. By the
way, my first SLR was a Miranda C.

Thanks, Dave

A range of 15mm Fish to 600mm and Tele-