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My love of nature photography began
when I was given my first 35mm SLR in
1986 and I have never looked back. When
the camera world moved over to digital, I
jumped in with both feet. I was able to
combine my technical computer and
software knowledge with my passion for
photography and the outdoors, embracing
all the new opportunities this technology
provides. By blending digital photographic
skills we are now able to produce images
never thought possible to achieve the
creativity we seek.
Being an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy being
outside on a backcountry trail, exploring a
remote location or watching wildlife
through the lens, always searching for
that perfect picture that tells a story. Bird
photography has become a passion of
mine, and while I find the subjects very
challenging, the images are so rewarding.

Today, I spend my time capturing images
of nature and wildlife, hosting travel
photography workshops in some of the
most spectacular locales and teaching
photography in the classroom.

Matt Shetzer
Shetzers Photography
Checkout my portfolio at:
Sony Gear - A1, 600mm, 200-600, 100-400, 24-105, 12-24,
Nikon Gear - D850, 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 50mm f1.4, 105
Macro, 16mm Fisheye