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Been into photography since '85, all Pentax on SLR -- early 2000s I got into high-end megazoom digitals (2 Lumix, followed by 2 Canon), but by late 2010 realized even with Av, Tv and RAW they were too limited for me and bought into DSLR summer 2011. As Pentax still used K-mount it would accept my older lenses, and I still had a peach of a 135 F2.8, so I got a K-5, later a K-30 -- currently awaiting a new model to upgrade the stellar, but aging K-5.

I like to shoot mostly nature and landscape; have a frog terrarium by my computer in which crickets recently bred for the first time, so Macro has come in handy shooting "pinheads."

Pentax K-5, K-30 WG3 (still in box, awaiting need to use). Lenses: Pentax: DA* 16-50 F2.8, DA* 300 F4, DFA 100 Macro WR, DA 18-55 F3.5-5.6 WR, 135 FA 135 F2.8, DA 55-300 F4-5.8, Sigma: F3.5-5.6 18-250, 50-500 F4.5-6.3, 180 F3.5 Macro (just bought used 9/6/13 -- arrived 9/10-13 -- currently evaluating -- first used lens).