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My name is George and have been active
in photography for over 40 years and still
learning every day. I started in 35mm with
a Yashica Electo 35 rangefinder during my
first liberty from Navy bootcamp in 1980
(still wish I had that camera).

From there it was on to the SLR world with
a Nikon FM and a couple of lenses (still
have). After a brief side track to Contax, I
came back to Nikon in the early 90's and
have been using Nikon SLR/DSLR's since.

I enjoy outdoor/landscape photography and
general family photography. I still do some
portrait and event photography from time to

I live in central North Carolina so I am
blessed with the mountains to the west and
the beautiful Outer Banks to the east.

Nikon Digital FX/DX
Medium Format digital
Various film cameras - 35mm, 120, 4x5

Various Nikon Manual Focus F mount and
Nikon LTM and S mount Rangefinder