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Registered: Jul 25, 2003

Country: Belgium

I was born in Belgium (7/7/51) and
still live there. I am still married and i
tree sons. Have a
degree and i went to the academie of
art and photography when i was a
young man. Worked for a while as
photographer in a publishing company.
Stopped with
all that to
start up my own trade in... consumer
goods! I had a great opportunity. My
photography became a wonderfull hobby.
With ups & downs. Because my
sons are gradually taking
over my
business, i am back on the
road as a photographer. I enjoy it very
much and
hope you like my work.

Geert Soenens. Leica (analog) & Canon
digital equipment.
20D, 5D, Canon lenses 17-40mm F4,
15mm F2,8 fisheye, 35 F1,4 L USM,
50mm F1,4, 70-200mm L IS USM, 85mm
f1,8 USM,
135mm F2 L USM, 300mm F2,8 L USM,
TSE 90mm f2,8, TSE 24mm f2,8
extender 1,4x, 2x. Lens Tokina 17mm
F3,5 AT-X Pro. Flash 550EX, 580EX.
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