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Registered: May 25, 2009

Country: United Kingdom

City: Daventry

My favourite subjects are animals and
birds, but the beauty of the landscape itself
can sometimes be as challenging and
rewarding to capture as the creatures that
live within it. So, I guess I'm a Nature
Photographer rather than just a Wildlife

My favourite subjects in recent years are
the Seals and Birds of the East coast of
England. I've visited the Seal colony at
Horsey/Winterton many times over the last
few years, allowing me to witness and
photograph more of the interactions
between individuals and the atmosphere
from changing weather. The east coast of
England has some excellent locations for
sea bird photography. My favourites are
Titchwell in Norfolk, Bempton in Yorkshire
and the Farne Islands in Northumberland.

Macro photography gives a wonderful
perspective and sympthy for the small
animals that we humans disregard so
easily. These creatures are every bit as
dramatic as big game in Africa and your
own garden contains so much that you
never see.

Good luck in all your own adventures.


Clive Bushnell
Cameras: Canon EOS 1D iii, 1Ds iii
Lenses: EF 17-40mm f4 L, EF 24-105 f4 L,
EF 300mm f2.8 L
Converters / Extension tubes: EF 1.4x ii,
EF 2x iii, EF 12 II
Flash: Canon EX-600 RT ii