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Registered: Aug 11, 2010

Country: United States

City: Knoxville


Amateur photographer with
many photographic interests:
Landscapes, street, general, object,
architecture, models, auto, and home

Shoot Leica M Type 240/M10/M
Monochrom, Q3 color 28 1.7 lens

Leica 24 Lux ASPH, 35 Lux
ASPH, 50 Lux ASPH, 75 APO Cron
ASPH, Bodies M240, M Monochrom, M10
Monochrom, Q3.

A few Nikon pieces to stay maybe
Gripped D700, D3X, 200VR, 58mm 1.2
AIS NOCT, 28mm 1.4D, 3 zooms,(14-24,
24-70,70-200 VR II
1.4 TC,
For now, selling Nikon 300 2.8VR,
24 and 45mm tilt shift, and Zeis APO 135
ASPH Also very low click 810 gripped like
new selling, with 17-35mm 2.8. Lens
squeaks some in AF, can shoot manual on
trr-pod all day for landscape.
Traveling lighter required.

Doug - Leica M/240, M mono, M10 mono,
24, 35, 50 LUXES, 75 APO ASPH Cron

Nikon D700, D3X 28 1.4D, 58 1.2 NOCT,
200VR, 135DC

Doug Trivia, my actual join date was Nov 7,
2006. I had another account then, but
changed my forum name when I came
back! I may have been purged, who