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Re: Pot-O-Ducks-2

Erictator wrote:
Danpbphoto wrote:
Karl Witt wrote:
That is a fine compliment of trust my friend when nature brings you their children
Must have read your kind heart

Great image the repost of #1 is

Thanks Karl but the kudos go to Eric(Erictator) for his help!

Just ***paying it forward Dan, my pleasure, but your excellent capture and relationship with momma duck made it all possible!

***Karl started it with helping me out here so much, so technically he should get the credit for me getting up the nerve to offer help with that minor edit! See what you started Karl?

In an ideal world, we would all support one another. Sadly, the reality is less than perfect in some areas, especially if one pays attention to the news. However, we can still create our own slice of paradise and strive to make a positive impact, even if it's just in our small corner on FM.

Then kudos to our mento Eric! Karl and I go way back....so his influence is seen all over FM!

This is my "escape" from the vitriol, chaos, that is in our World today! I guess we cant all get along!

We will make our paradise here brother!

May 17, 2024 at 11:00 AM

  Previous versions of Danpbphoto's message #16549724 « Pot-O-Ducks-2 »


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