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Re: Canon r1 official announcement.

johnctharp wrote:
To summarize for you: Sony bought all of their sensor manufacturer competitors outside of Samsung, and that's what every consumer camera uses including Canon for sensors that aren't a) made by Canon or b) something boutique.

Everything from iPhones to everyone's P&S cameras (that are left) to all of the competitive M43, APS-C, FF and medium-format cameras use sensors either from Canon or Sony.

I understand what's going on in the sensor market. This probably explains why Nikon who was in a pretty deep hole a few years ago was able to get back on track by using Sony sensors along with their internal development knowhow.

And Sony's sensor division dwarfs Canons, simply by virtue of Sony itself being large enough to consolidate the market.

Agree with you.

Also note that iPhones get the best tech first, while also having the tightest (yearly) development cycles. This is where the real innovation happens in sensors when it does, with the only memorable exception to me being Sony's full-frame global shutter A9 III.

All of the above to say that there doesn't need to be anything wrong with Canon's management. They are charting their own course when it comes to sensor manufacturing; they have unique technology and a good ecosystem to build on. And keep in mind that while the technology exists to increase mass-market camera quality (speed, resolution, dynamic range, battery life) beyond what we have today, these companies are always mindful of not adopting technologies at scale until they can be affordably brought to market.

I'm sorry are you saying that Apples products impact Canon's ability to upgrade it Cameras?

Reading the last couple of statements Canon released about the R1 development tells me that their management has some issues. Marketing is part of management just like technology and Engineering.

Also the whole thing about not wanting any lens competitors for RF and then reversing course.

May 15, 2024 at 04:57 PM

  Previous versions of dhlewis's message #16548223 « Canon r1 official announcement. »


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