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Re: A1 Firmware Survey

stuuke wrote:

I had a photographer message me the following:

The A1 has an issue that's why they are getting rid of it
The mother boards are dying and they don't want to acknowledge it. Costs over 1k to fix outside of warranty
The blue tooth and wifi modules are dead and attached to the mother boards
Its been an issue for a while and only now people realize bec last firmware update asks user to connect to your phone and it shows connection failed
I was aware of the issue on one of mine a year ago when I couldn't wireless tether with it. I used it for video so I didn't care but now I want to trade that body in for another body

No idea if that is factual or not but thought it was interesting.

I had a photographer friend text me to say that Sony is going to cut the price of the A1 to $1599 because the plastic base of the motherboards is melting when the temp goes over 72 degrees and the shutter mechanism has started to fly off into the back of the lens scratching the rear elements. They are going to introduce a fixed A1 in August called the A1 BS.

They only discovered the problem after the A1 had been around for more than three years because no one at Sony ever answers their phone because they don't care about customers but only about making money and their business model is to cheat people better than anyone else.

The fixed A1 BS will list for $29,999. Battery extra.

May 15, 2024 at 10:08 AM

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