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Lance B
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Re: Vietnam and Cambodia

bs kite wrote:
*Very* interesting Lance.

There is a lot of positive to be said for their culture. And I've always respected the Monk choice of life.

The wall on the left side of #12 looks like it was tooled from one piece of rock. Then there is the recess all along the waterline of the rock in Ha Long Bay. Is all the rock in the area limestone?

I converted C to F. 100+ degrees every day? Not for me my friend

And taking just the Z8 says a lot about your confidence in it. I am happy with mine too.

Thanks for the story Lance


Thank you very much, Robert. Much appreciated!

The Monk's choice is an interesting lifestyle choice. You can actually do it for a short stint as did the guide's father at around the age of 50 for a 3 or 6 month period (can't remember the exact time frame). Their pacifist ideal is great, I guess as long as everyone else is a pacifist it would work.

Many of those stones at Angkor Wat are one piece and huge but I don't know about the one you are talking about.

The rocks at Ha Long Bay are mostly limestone.

The Z8 never missed a beat. It got very hot in Siem Reap, as we all did as it was 39Deg C (102F) and the bottom left of the Z8 did get quite warm but this is a known Z8 thing - the bottom left of the camera can get quite warm during extended use.

An interesting thing was this carving in the rock at Angkor Wat:

This is a carving of what appears to be a stegosaurus! The carving would possibly be about 800+ years old, way before anyone ever knew about dinosaurs.

May 12, 2024 at 05:49 PM

  Previous versions of Lance B's message #16545428 « Vietnam and Cambodia »


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