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Steve Spencer
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Selling Leica Gear

I am considering selling some of my Leica lenses and wondering what are my options. I tried to sell my 21 SEM, 28 cron Asph (version 1), 50 lux Asph (version 1), and 90 Elmarit-M here on the buy and sell board and got no real interest. These are all really good lenses. In some ways I am happy they didn't sell. These 4 lenses make a very nice set, but I wanted to try an all Voigtlander 21 (the f/1.4 Asph is a lovely lens); 35 (I think the 35 f/2 APO might be a lens I really like), and 75 (I do like the 75 f/1.5 quite a bit) and although the 21 and 35 are bigger than I might like that 3 lens kit is smaller than the Leica 4 lens kit.

Anyway, any advice on where besides the buy and sell board here, that I might sell the Leica lenses as I don't seem to have had any luck here.

Oh, and it is not that no lenses sell here. I did sell my 35 lux Asph (version 1), a Zeiss ZM 85 f/4, and a Voigtlander 90 f/2.8 APO, which were also redundant with the kit was moving toward, but I didn't seem to have any interest in my Leica lenses (except the 35 lux Asph) despite aggressive pricing.

Apr 18, 2024 at 11:00 AM

  Previous versions of Steve Spencer's message #16526671 « Selling Leica Gear »


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