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Re: Super telephoto lens rumors?

cohenfive wrote:
For whatever reason, Canon has chosen not to compete with Nikon in the long end. The pf lenses are amazing and great fun to use, as is the really sharp 400mm 4.5. The tc big primes are without competition either, and the big holdup is price (but they have been coming down of late). The R5ii is a very important camera release for Canon, it has to be fully competitive with the Nikon and Sony offerings which means 100% it has to have a stacked sensor. I've been straddling both systems for a while now, trying to see what Canon does relative to the other 'big two'...If the R5ii is at least as good as the Z8 that will probably hold Canon in for now, but they really could use some more modern long lenses to compete with the PF offerings which have garnered market share.

I got to use the PF600mm F6.3 on my Alaska tour. Impressive lens and a joy to handhold. I handheld my RF600mm F4 but definitely struggled with the weight after a while. With shoulder issues and age I appreciate the lighter lenses. I did use my 100-500mm more because of weight and while it performed well the struggle zooming the lens with subject moving very fast was a huge issue. I then had the chance to use the Nikon 180-600mm and was SO nice being able to quickly zoom and stay on subject. Throw in the Z8 with the fast readout and now viewfinder blackout while shooting bursts it was a revelation... Canon absolutely has to nail it with the R52 and the R1... Stacked sensor for the R52 with as good as or better specs the the Z8 and a global sensor for the R1 that could challenge to A93 and out spec it would really make a statement!

Apr 03, 2024 at 11:59 AM

  Previous versions of drobertfranz's message #16514958 « Super telephoto lens rumors? »


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