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Re: Northern California Wildflowers currently

mreynolds767 wrote:
Any good spots for wildflower blooms in Northern California this week or next week?

Willing to travel (by car from SFO area)

Alternatively ; would this be a good time for Yosemite or Big Sur coastline ?

I was originally hoping I could head to Crater Lake area but looks like the road to Rim Village is closed and will remain so for a bit ; looking for a new plan for just a couple days I have free.

I've been away, so I don't have an immediate update on California wildflowers except to say that when I was in the places where you'll find them in Central and SoCal a week or two ago, they were doing quite well already and showing promise for future color. Sorry I can't do more than that. (I'm hopeful that I'll get into the field later this week.)

It is an "interesting" between time in Yosemite. Of course, the high country is still inaccessible by road due to winter closures, though you can get to the valley. The pluses of visiting at this time are fewer people, potential for snow along the valley rim, and even the possibility of snowfall in the valley. It is possible to see some increase in waterfall flow, depending on the weather. (Check the forecast — in the Bay Area right now, believe it or not, local peak snow is in the forecast for a couple of days from now.) Minus factors include: it isn't really what you think of as spring in the Valley quite yet, things can be pretty wet in places, etc.

It would be a great time for the Big Sur coast... but recent storms messed up the roadway and a big section of Highway 1 is closed starting 15 miles south of the Monterey Area near Rocky Point Bridge. On the other hand, going north up the coast from SF may have some potential.

Too bad you only have a couple of days — this is a great time to visit Death Valley.

Apr 02, 2024 at 06:45 PM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #16514398 « Northern California Wildflowers currently »


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