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Scott Stoness
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Re: Newest R5II Rumours and Thoughts

Arka wrote:
This is a super timely thread for me - I'm wondering what I'd be missing if I bought an R5 now. Sounds like not much for my specific needs and use cases.

I am considering picking up an R5 and 10-20 f/4 IS as a supplement to my Sony setup. I'm looking for three core capabilities that Sony seems to lack.
1. Fully articulating rear screen (the A7R5 has one but I don't want to buy one of those);
2. Easy-to-use DoF bracketing at 10FPS for quick capture of wide angle, foreground-heavy landscapes using one hand;
3. Access to a 10mm lens;
4. Coordinated IBIS + Lens IS for more handheld shooting options.

The current R5 is $3000, which is less than adding another Sony camera that I don't even like (I'm an A1 shooter) to the mix. And adding a $2400 10mm wide angle seems like a nice way to get some added capability for less than the price of a (potential) A1 II that solves problems 1-4 above in heaven knows how many months/years.

The current r5:
1) Articulating rear screen - its pretty good
2) DOF bracketing works well at 20fps and if you use it a lot its good but still suffers from processing times (unless you get the camera to auto make a jpg) and a bit awkward in menu setting.
3) The laowa 10/2.8 are readily available for either Sony or Canon. The Sony has auto focus on 10mm laowa 10/2.8. Wheres the canon does not. The 10-20 f4 is quite heavy for handheld. I like the lighter Sony 12-24 much better.
4) IBIS/IS combination works well in canon with RF lens but not with EF lens but it's still pretty good based on IS.

So if you are just getting for focus stacking, the r5 or r5ii is marginally better (articulating screen) or worse than the Sony (heavier). Why bother for marginal difference. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.

Mar 14, 2024 at 02:36 PM

  Previous versions of Scott Stoness's message #16498184 « Newest R5II Rumours and Thoughts »


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