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Re: Black Friday deals

hamsteve wrote:
Watch out for the newegg Adobe plan $30 discount--

I've been on the $119/year plan for several years. I saw this 30 dollar discount off the $119 price at newegg and got it. Well, it doesn't extend my current plan. I was on the 20GB plan, this is the 1TB plan, so it started me on a new plan as of today (overlapping my existing plan). I never use the cloud storage so the increase is wasted on me. I strongly suspect Adobe will force me to re-up the 1TB plan in the future, and I bet the price will be higher than continuing the 20GB plan. I will try to contact Adobe and see what my situation really is.

Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1TB (1-Year Subscription) - Mac, Windows, iOS [Digital]
+30 off w/ promo code BFCY2Z793, limited offer $119 - 30 = $89

The following year when its time to pay up your locked into that plan, then it becomes 119 + 30 = $149

I believe I read you can cancel your subscription anytime, so just before the year is up so your not locked into the 1 TB plan, and then sign up again for the $119 20GB annual plan

You get an answer from adobe ?

Nov 26, 2023 at 12:08 PM

  Previous versions of IndyFab's message #16403422 « Black Friday deals »


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