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Re: Sony users - what do you think about Nikon Zf?

bluehawaii wrote:
RoamingScott wrote:
Why are you asking Sony users about their opinions of a Nikon camera

Pop into the 44 page discussion thread, I'm sure you can come to some conclusion on what the camera is and isn't from actual users https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1818308

It's an unfortunate camera...its imaging and video capabilities are actually excellent, but it's in a body that does it zero favors, and actually managed to make both retro and modern shooters annoyed.

SNJOps wrote:

Looks like a fun camera but it needs vintage looking glass to put on it. Sigma’s I series would have been perfect but no indication that will happen anytime soon if at all.

Guess you don't know about all of the Z mount Voigtlander glass? You can also adapt any "vintage looking" E mount glass easily.

I think Nikon are fast becoming Sony’s artisan line.

Shooting one of the re-housed Tamrons, you are effectively shooting a Sony lens through a Sony sensor and IBIS and Nikon-Socionext processor.

It's been over 6 years since the Z6 so I would expect them to go stacked with the Z6III which is the model I am waiting for before switching over.

Looking forward to all the glowing reviews proclaiming: "NIKON'S MINI A9 KILLER HAS CHANGED THE GAME, SORRY SONY."

ad nauseum.

I mean, sure, you COULD say that, if you're a Sony fanboy looking to discredit Nikon's own work on their sensor optimizations, native non-tamron glass, excellent tele glass that no other system offers, bodies that offer unique features that even Sony still doesn't offer, etc.

The amount of Tamron glass in the Z ecosystem is so inconsequential that I'm not sure what would even compel a post like this unless you're just trying to start something

Nov 19, 2023 at 10:21 AM

  Previous versions of RoamingScott's message #16397789 « Sony users - what do you think about Nikon Zf? »


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