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Re: Anybody switched from Sony to Nikon?

molson wrote:
NikonClio64 wrote:
ajamils wrote:
At one point or another I have tried all systems but continue to use Sony as my main system (Ar7v right now). Nikon Z8 is genuinely one of the first Nikon camera that I am interested in and Megadep adapter give the ability to still use amazing collection of Sony lenses.
So I am wondering if anyone has switched and if so, how are you finding Nikon system?

I continue to find the feedback and reviews of 3 prominent Nikon users extremely useful in reaching tricky decisions - on "Which lens?", in particular. These are the familiar names of Steve Perry, Thom Hogan and Brad Hill.

Thom H uses NiSony as he writes authoritative guides, besides reviewing the cameras, but his lens reviews are mostly Nikon. Steve Perry also publishes detailed and readable and reviews and guides to both systems, in addition to his videos.

Canadian Brad Hill only covers Nikon, and is obviously a photo gear enthusiast. He leads tours along the Pacific NW, BC. He switched entirely to Z System after testing his first Z9, after being was an early enthusiast of the first Z MILCs - the Z7 worked very well for him on wildlife as well as landscapes.

He is clearly a professional outdoor photographer who puts his photo gear to hard work with excellent results. I have relied on his musings as well as exhaustive reviews very useful to ground my own decisions, on lenses especially.



I think the OP was asking for actual user's opinions, rather than social media content...

Unfortunately, all three are biased sources, as two of them depend on promoting Nikon (via the books they sell) for income, and the third is pro-Nikon by virtue of never having used any other systems. Steve Perry is the least biased of the three, but his scope of use is limited to the niche of wildlife photography, which not all potential Nikon customers are interested in.

I do understand your point, but there is the other side to it, as well.
You may have someone who's totally natural, zero bias, but the reviewer isn't even familiar with Nikon gear at all.
We can see those kind of stories quite often on YT, or anywhere else on the Internet.
It doesn't matter how smart they are, it takes days and weeks to break into all different options and features on newer cameras, especially, we know that.
I don't think anyone here is at that level not to be able to balance possible bias these guys, mentioned here, may have towards Nikon.
If I need to pick and choose, I'll rather pick someone who know how to use the gear, with possible bias towards Nikon,
than someone who just played couple of hours with it just to make a video with huge banner for more clicks.
Of course, we all have our opinions and doubts.

Nov 01, 2023 at 03:50 PM

  Previous versions of cvrle59's message #16380830 « Anybody switched from Sony to Nikon? »


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