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Re: Dear Sony: The Little Things

dordek wrote:
Frogfish wrote:
dordek wrote:
... If I am going to separate the lens and camera I would generally like my dominant hand to be holding the lens, both the old one to put down and the new one to pick up. More than likely, the lens is going to be the more expensive item, the one you're likely to want to keep longer (than the camera body) and thus the one you'd like to have more control over. Unless the lens is a small cheap one that is easily handled anyway.

It's not often the lens is going to be the most expensive of the two (camera or lens) ! Unless you're using a long tele or an older cheaper camera and if you drop your camera then you're @$%^ anyway. TBH both work for me, I find it easy (and I have large hands and don't have slim fingers) to release the lens but then I'm also not fussy with trying to get another lens on within seconds. I'll happily put the camera face down on my bag, have a cup of coffee, chat for a while before putting another lens on (well maybe that's a little exaggerated) and I have no issue wet cleaning at any time, even in the field when feasible, it only takes 1 minute.

Anyway Sony aren't going to change it now so it's a moot point

They both work for me, too (having come from Canon and gone to Sony) and finding that I can still switch lenses. Found it more convenient on Canon. For some the body might well be the more expensive item. In general, I think if you add up your total body costs and total lens costs you might be surprised. I would be very surprised if you body expenditures are greater than your lens expenditures. And I'll bet the total time you've had your lens set is much greater than the total time you've had your current bodies (unless you're just getting started with photography - not likely for you since you've been here since May, 2011). And what I almost added to my other post is that this isn't a "little" thing and would be far more disturbing to muscle memory than other little changes. Even after 4 years I'm still pressing on the wrong side for the lens release button.

Yes that is undoubtedly true - however the discussion was about one camera and one lens and should the technique involved in changing lenses cause you drop one of them!
In which case any of an A7r4, A7r5, A9, A9II or A1 (and possibly A74/5) will be not only a more expensive item than most lenses but also prevent you from shooting (bar a backup) until it's repaired/replaced. Unless, as I mentioned, it happens to be an expensive tele !

As for my current lens set - actually no, I switched to much lighter lenses (for hiking into the mountains and travel) since I found very little, if any, benefit to using heavier lenses. Most of my current kit (8 of my 13 lenses, and the ones I use most) is under 2 years old. I can't see me changing the A7r5 for a long time though, superb camera.

Sep 20, 2023 at 08:23 PM

  Previous versions of Frogfish's message #16347112 « Dear Sony: The Little Things »


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