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T5 “My Menu” Behavior

With items assigned to “My Menu”, when pressing the “MENU OK” button I’m taken into the last menu I used.

Example, with something stored in “My Menu”, press “MENU OK”, and make a change in any menu, turn “Sport Finder” on or off for example. Exit the menu system, press “DISP/BACK” button. Now press “MENU OK” again, and you’re taken right back to the “Shooting Setting”/“Sports Finder” menu selection. In previous Fuji models I’ve used pressing “MENU OK” takes you to “My Menu” (if it contains items).

Has anybody found a way to make the T5 behave like previous models? I’ve no found anything yet searching the Manual or On-line.

The disconcerting thing if being taken back to the last menu item used. It takes [me] an extra moment to realize were I am and then navigate to where I want to be. In previous models when entering the menu system I was always at the same starting point, “My Menu”.


Sep 19, 2023 at 05:45 AM

  Previous versions of 524f44's message #16345585 « T5 “My Menu” Behavior »


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