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Re: A9 upgrade path: A7RV or A1?

AGeoJO wrote:
wind30 wrote:
AGeoJO wrote:
wind30 wrote:
patotts wrote:
Unless you need silent sport shooting or BIF, I can't think of a single reason to go with the A1. I used to have an A1, but sold it for a A7IV because it was such an overkill, and I'm glad I got out it with only a $400 loss (I view that as longterm rental cost). I upgraded from A7IV to A7R5, and the 5 is also an overkill for lots of my use-cases, but better AF (acquisition as well as tracking), AWB, color, focusing stacking (no brainer for product photography), and the new flippy screen made it a no brainer. Today you can get a new A7R5 for $3,400, a used one for even less so I would 100% go that route. A used A1 it at least $1,000 more.

… do u use Efcs on your a7r5?

The biggest adv of stacked sensor for me is getting around the efcs high shutter speed bokeh issue. It is soooo troublesome turning efcs on and off. Worse I sometimes to forget to turn it off and the pic bokeh is ruined.

Leaving it off seems to make the cam less responsive.

The A7r V has an option to either use the hybrid mechanical shutter, which uses the first electronic shutter and the fully electronic shutter. If you save your file as lossless compressed or uncompressed, there is no difference in the bit file quality. Obviously, the audible shutter sound tells you, which mode you are using.

Bruce Sawle wrote:
I love blackout free shooting. Would be hard to go back.

I have been using my A7r V for a few months now. Recently, I was on a trip to Europe and Morocco for almost 4 weeks. Although I had both my A1 and A7r V with me but I didn’t use the A1 until the last day, just to say that I used everything I took with me on that trip , The experience of using both cameras for that purpose was virtually the same. That until I had the chance to do some completely unplanned “birding” activities. I left my A1 at the place I stayed and just had the A7r V, not expecting the occasion, with me and my 70-200mm. That’s when I really missed the blackout-free shooting when the target flew around. Obviously, the reach of the 70-200mm was also awfully short but… that’s the longest lens I had with me.

The point I am trying to make is, unless for some birding, sport or other fast action photography, the A7r V is really a remarkable camera and is a superb performer in any other aspect. A few features available with the A7r V may be even useful than what the A1 offers for that purpose. The images due to significant cropping are nothing to write home about but…

I don’t think you got my point. There is one more use case that eshutter is impt. Do u use f.4 or brighter lens outdoors? Which I think a lot of people do… two problems with this. One is the max 1/8000 mechanical shutter speed. Second is the fact that with efcs, the bokeh get cropped during extremely fast shutter. If u are ok with full mechanical shutter then the second problem can be worked around but that increases the shutter lag. Basically there is no good way around it without a high speed eshutter.

It’s a disadvantage but maybe others might not care. Just drives me nuts so much I can’t use f1.4 lens on my a74. If u shoot with bright f1.4 primes outdoors I think the fast eshutter is very impt.

Unless you do some fast action photography, where the effect of the rolling shutter may be bothersome, why not use the e-shutter with the A7r V then? Save the files in either loss-less compressed or uncompressed mode then you will be fine. Indoors under LED lighting, the A7r V files may show some banding though... but that shouldn't pose any issues outdoors.

This solution involves changing shutter every time I step indoors or outdoors… similar to turning off efcs when shutter speed goes up. I forget sometimes which is disastrous and it is really troublesome. There is no getting around the 1/8000 max shutter other than a nd filter. Like what other posters have said, we have been shooting mechanical shutter for decades and there are work arounds. But why do I want to settle for the workarounds ?? I choose the camera that is the best and easiest to use for my needs.

My main objection is about the point made by some posters that eshutter only helps people who shoot fast action or birding which I feel is false. I don’t do either but I find eshutter helps immensely when I use fast f1.4 primes.

May 26, 2023 at 05:57 PM

  Previous versions of wind30's message #16255047 « A9 upgrade path: A7RV or A1? »


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