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6D + 40stm & iPhone for Portugal holiday??

AmbientMike wrote:
SL2 + 18-55 is very light. You'd have a short tele, fairly wide. Very versatile and light, plus if you use raw put it through DLO in DPP for extra performance.

If you have 28-70 II for the 6D, that's only 285g/10-11oz or so. You might think Canon could use 30+ years of improvements in optical manufacturing, CAD, etc to improve the optics, then put an excellent f/4-is 28-70 in a quality plastic kit zoom type mount. Could be a very light excellent and useful ff lens.

But instead everyone, it seemed, bought 2.8 zooms and other massive lenses, decided, duh, this stuff is heavy, got sick of carrying it and migrated, en masse, to mirrorless. Instead of just buying lighter lenses to begin with. And Canon came up 24-105 that needs a computer to fix it, more or less, and doesn't cover the frame (in parts of the range) like the 50+ year old lens I bought off ebay <$20.

I agree
The older 24-85 3.5-4.5 is a great performer as is the even older EF 28-70 3.5-4.5ii arc drive ( is that what you were referring to?) yes I own both. Not used either for 20 odd years but they’ve been stored properly so no reasons why they wouldn’t still work.
By the time I get in from work I’m too shattered to go out testing different combo’s but Friday is early finish for me, so will decide what to compare.
Now you’ve reminded me of that 28-70ii (sure it has aspherical elements?? ) that’s going on my shortlist

6D + 40stm + 28-70ii (or 24-85 / 24-105stm ??)
M50 + 22stm + 18-55stm (or 18-150stm ??)
RP + 50 + 16 (or ef 24-105stm ??)
SL2 + 24stm + 18-55 stm (or 15-85 / 17-55 ??)

I think they would all be good travel set ups.

May 24, 2023 at 02:07 PM

  Previous versions of Pixelpuffin's message #16252862 « 6D + 40stm &amp; iPhone for Portugal holiday?? »


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