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Re: I just spent 48 hours with the x100v and I'm IN LOVE!!!

mdude85 wrote:

dranakin wrote:

gdanmitchell wrote:
dranakin wrote:
Still trying to figure how to get one…

We're getting to the point where it _might_ be a decent strategy to wait for a 40MP update from Fujifilm — it is virtually certain that it will be coming, and I think that it might come to the X100v replacement before it comes to other remaining cameras in the line-up.

At that point, if you can wait, you'll have more interesting choices. You could go with what is likely to be an improved version of the model. Or you will find that your aren't convince by the new model's features and that the old one becomes more available and less expensive.

If you need one right now, though, I don't have much to offer you.

Yeah, I hear you and I saw that Fuji is hosting an event in April. But I guess my worry is that even with new models, they won’t be able to keep up with demand and it’ll just be the same a year from now. But who knows.

If anything, the event in April might be an announcement that Fuji is ramping up production of x100v.

I wouldn’t wait for a 40mp model. They can’t even meet demand on the current model. If you need it now you may have to buy it used, wait for stock to open up, or pay way over MSRP for a grey market model.

April is next month. If waiting at all is an option, that's not long to wait to see if there is more information that might inform a purchase decision.

In general, when the "should I wait or should I leap" question comes up, my answer is more or less that if you really _need_ the camera right now (e.g. you have no camera, your camera is broken, or what you have is literally incapable of doing the photography you need right now and serious consequences will ensue) then it makes sense to get something now rather than waiting. On the other hand, if you have a reasonably functional camera and/or if the consequences of holding off a while aren't a big deal and an announcement of a new model seems imminent, then it can make sense to hold off a bit so that you at least know what your options are.

Also, there are two possible "traps" to watch for when considering new gear. Once is the gear-lust-driven urgency to get The New Thing, but the other is the risk of waiting forever for The Perfect Thing out of fear that Something Better May Come. ;-)

Mar 21, 2023 at 02:01 PM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #16198983 « I just spent 48 hours with the x100v and I'm IN LOVE!!! »


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