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Re: Experience from DSLR to Mirrorless

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slowdad wrote:
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slowdad wrote:
When we took the mirrorless bodies to weddings the immediate red flag was wedding receptions in dark venues. The mirrorless hunted and missed shots like crazy. They just didnt cut it when the lights went low. Especially with dance shots and activities where I would need to use servo. They also did not play well with a flash. This was also not just my experience. I know numerous wedding pros that use both mirrorless and DSLRs and when the receptions starts.....they reach for the DSLRs. They are extremely reliable, especially with flash use.

It sounds like they're using older mirrorless cameras if they can't focus in the dark. My R6 can focus in light I can barely see in.

Here's a pro shooting an R6 in an extremely dark environment:

She is a rookie. I would never walk into a reception like that w/o a flash. And the flash would be geld....I dont know many that would shoot like that. She is pushing everything in post, the skin tones are horrible and heavy noise clean is going to be needed.....I came from a film background...not a chance for me

She said flash was not allowed.

Regardless, my point was about mirrorless focusing in low light.

The SL2 DPAF focused in lower light than 1/125, f/2, 25600 IIRC. But at some point the light level fell even further, and you couldn't get the DPAF to lock, but the OVF could

I just went into a very dark room with the R6 set to 1/125, f/2, auto ISO and servo tracking with a starting point. The RF 50/1.8 isn't the greatest focusing lens but it was able to hold onto a subject at ISO 64k while I moved it around the frame. The EF 24-70 2.8 II did the same at ISO 102k. Focusing wasn't a problem until I tried the 24-240 which produced an underexposed image preview at f/4 and ISO 102k. Enabling H 204k ISO and allowed servo AF to track a subject but just barely. Single shot AF with a single shot did better. In my experience, Canon mirrorless AF performance, especially in servo, correlates with exposure: If the image is properly exposed, AF will work. If you have an underexposed preview, especially with a slow lens, you'll have trouble.

In this post you seem to be running up against a limit having to turn up the ISO to get it to work. However, I've shot at lower light levels, using an SL2 + 18-55. And the OVF focused in lower light than mirrorless DPAF. Same in the video, supposedly showing the low light AF capabilities, I've shot at lower light levels using a Rebel. 0.4-1/2 sec, 6400, f/3.5. So both examples offered I've used a Rebel in lower light

So I tend to believe the guy who says he gets better low light AF on DSLR, based on my experience.

It's not high contrast scenes, of course if I found high contrast at the right distance I'd often use it. That is what AF goes off of. You wonder how many people who say DSLR AF is bad realize that. But if they're not going to develop DSLRS any more, and haven't as much in recent years, really, I'm sure mirrorless will be better.

Mar 18, 2023 at 12:44 PM

  Previous versions of AmbientMike's message #16196682 « Experience from DSLR to Mirrorless »


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