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Re: Experience from DSLR to Mirrorless

I bought an R3 as a drop-in replacement for my 1D Mk III, used for wildlife (mainly birds). It continues as a second body and I continue to use my 1Ds Mk III DSLR for everything else. In this role, the R3 has been a screaming success. The animal detection and eye detection, taken together, have proven useful in focussing on the bird instead of the foliage. It can track around the image (the 1D Mk III could not, but Nikon’s D850 DSLR can). It has focus points across the whole frame, and it can focus very slow lenses at more than just the centre point. It has 15 years of advances in sensors, particularly high ISO performance.

It will be my primary, probably only, camera for adventure travel. Up to now, I did not have a single body which combined high frame rate, full frame, and ≥21Mpx resolution in one body. I can now shoot video with my EF lenses for the first time. It is much lighter than the 1Ds Mk III. I was never going to buy another Canon DSLR given reports of them spending their early years splattering oil all over their sensors: not for the adventure travel trips of a lifetime.

However, I have occasionally shot some “targets of opportunity” with the R3 that are not birds, so far landscapes and some flowers. The gamut and dynamic range limitations of the viewfinder are obvious, and do interfere with the way I like to visualise – in the viewfinder – when doing that type of photography. With my old RX1 compact mirrorless, that was never a problem because I held it out in front of me and was watching the actual scene and just using the rear LCD for framing. I can see these inferior EVFs (yes, the R3 EVF is probably the least inferior one you can buy) triggering a move back to a more static, tripod-based approach for many people who visualise as I do. For the moment it’s a very good reason for me to continue with the 1Ds Mk III, since my own style is very handheld. I will have to adapt to the EVF when travelling, and eventually for everything when the 1Ds Mk III becomes nonviable to due body or lens failure. And of course there’s the siren call of the gorgeous high ISO performance of the R3.

This means that the core lenses I use for landscape, botanical and urban subjects will now remain EF lenses for the foreseeable future. This was the old plan B anyway, when wildlife and travel would have been a standalone Sony system separate from my main Canon one.

Battery performance is not as good as on the 1Ds Mk III, but I can live with it. I have tested the viewfinder lag, and, for me, the 60Hz viewfinder refresh is fast enough so that’s what I’ve been using. (Some people can detect that 16ms lag and will have to turn on the 120Hz “smooth” refresh, which consumes more power.) The new charger no longer runs from a car 12V socket as the old one did.

Mar 10, 2023 at 10:53 PM

  Previous versions of melcat's message #16191042 « Experience from DSLR to Mirrorless »


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