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Re: Experience from DSLR to Mirrorless

TeamSpeed wrote:
Gochugogi wrote:
Mike_5D wrote:
AmbientMike wrote:
DSLR's are dead, that's the reason the 5D4 is still in the top 10 of rentals at Lensrentals last year. And that's on a 6+ year old body! Imagine if they'd kept up EF line.

I don't think I've ever owned an ugly Canon DSLR

BTW I bought my first mirrorless in 2010

The 90D and 1DxIII showed that DSLRs had basically got as far as they could. Both performed better in live view than through the OVF. The next logical step was to dispense with the OVF.

I shoot with a 90D for several years and, while LV was very good, especially for copying sides, I got the most keepers using the optical VF. In twilight, LV had a tough time focusing whereas the OVF focus usually nailed it.

Yes there are two areas where the mirrorless needs some improvements. 1) low light low contrast AF isnít quite ďthereĒ yet and I think once there is quad pixel AF, the other proverbial shoe has fallen. 2) spot AF needs improved.

However low light shots have such low DR that many times the images arenít all that great with lack of color and contrast anyways, but if you still want the capture with mirrorless, you can use manual focus with focus peaking, something the 90D didnít have I donít think.

I am also pretty sure the AF on the R7 (the 90D mirrorless equiv) is different than the 90D live view. Not only that, a Digic X is many many times more capable than a Digic 8.

My R7 dances circles around my old 90D in terms of AF in most situations, especially tracking/servo. The R7 does struggle on subjects with strong horizontal linesótilt the camera to work around itóand clouds are another weak point. Somehow clouds are not challenging g for the 90D. That's pretty much it. I sold my 90D last Summer after using the R7 for a few weeks.

Mar 08, 2023 at 12:24 PM

  Previous versions of Gochugogi's message #16189004 « Experience from DSLR to Mirrorless »


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