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bs kite
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Re: Latest Nikon Rumors - March 25th!

When announcing intentions to build the Z9, the Nikon exec said that they would replace the flagship (D6) with a mirrorless flagship. The Z9 is the Nikon flagship. So, that is the reason it is bigger and heavier than many would like.

Also, the Z9 is slightly smaller and lighter weight than my gripped D850. And I never take the grip off my D850.


I may be wrong about any of the following regarding this upcoming camera. Here goes…….

I feel confident about a thing or two regarding the upcoming 2-piece, Z camera from Nikon. I will also call it the Z8 here.

I too believe that this will be the “mirrorless D850” (if you will )

I feel Nikon has built the most that they feel they could into this Z8. Nikon wants to do this for Nikon shooters. That is the way they think. I question whether Nikon is ever concerned about “cannibalizing” one of their other pieces. I do not believe this Z8 will be dumbed-down too much. It will be stacked and have the latest Expeed processor (7?).

They’ll probably just slow it down somewhat from the Z9 and omit some other features. Think just a few years ago when we considered the D5/D6 as very fast (are they 14 fps?). At that same time the D850 was 7 fps or 10 with the grip. Nikon could have slowed the Z8 down to say 15 fps (tops) and omitted a group of other Z9 features.... and that might be all. If that happens, a lot of folks are going to be very excited about this camera. We'll see.

Question (because I do not know the answer) Is there such a thing as a 60 mpx camera that has stacked sensors?

I’ve always reminded myself that the Z9 is a flagship.

The D850 (at 45 mpx) was announced in 2017 *after* the 20+ mpx D5 flagship. So, they increased the mpx for the D850.
Following that rationale, why would the upcoming Z8 not be "higher-again" in mpx's (say.... 60+)?

Honestly, I do not care if the Z8 is 45 or 60. I think 45 is a sweet spot.

Feb 26, 2023 at 05:05 PM

  Previous versions of bs kite's message #16180971 « Latest Nikon Rumors - March 25th! »


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